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Harvard vs. Lawrence.


On Saturday the Cricket club lost a game to the Lawrence club by a score of 84 to 48. The victory of Lawrence was very largely due to the fine batting of John Carmichael, who, some years ago, played occasionally for Susse. For Harvard, Garrett bowled well, his wickets costing a little over five runs apiece; Sullivan did good work at point, one of the catches he secured being a left hander and close to the ground. It may be worth noticing that Julius Caesar was one of the Lawrence eleven. The score is as follows:


J. Carmichael, c. Austrian, b. Brown, 43

M. Clancey, c. Sullivan, b. Garrett. 5

W. Brice, c. Sullivan, b. Garrett. 0

P. M. DeWolfe, b. Brown. 1

E. P. Greaves, c. Henry, b, Garrett. 16

C. Carmichael, c. Brown, b. Frost. 0

J. Caesar, c. Butters, b. Brown. 7

J. Orme, c. Garrett. 3

J. W. Butterfield, c. Frost, b. Brown. 3

W. C. Graves, not out. 6

W. Bentley, c. Sullivan, b. Garrett. 2

W. Priestly, b. Garrett. 1

Extra. 4

Total. 84

HARVARD 1ST INNINGS.A. C. Garrett, b.c, Carmichael. 8

R. D. Brown, c.J. Carmichanl, b. Priestly. 3

T. W. Balch, b. Priestly. 0

R. W. Frost, b. c. Carmichael. 11

L. Sullivan, c. b. w. J. Carmichael. 3

G. P. Butters, b. C. Carmichael. 0

A. S. Austrian, b. Caesar. 4

T. S. Lee, b. J. Carmichael. 0

M. J. Henry, c. J. Greaves, b. Caesar. 8

H. A. Davis, c. E. Greaves, b. Butterfield. 1

F. Crowninshield, not out. 4

F. Irwin, c. E. Greaves, b. Butterfield 0

Extras. 6

Total. 48

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