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The Class Races.


The class races took place last Saturday afternoon over the regular course on the Charles. It was about quarter of four when the signal to start was given. After a few strokes had been taken Number 5 in the freshman boat jumped his seat and as the regulation ten strokes had not been rowed, the crews were re-called. The second start was more successful, all the crews getting away about together. Eighty-nine was the first to reach the Harvard bridge, with Ninety-two three-quarters of a length behind, while Ninety and Ninety-one were nearly abreast of each other and only a few feet behind the freshmen. As soon as the sophomores had passed the bridge they spurted and slowly but surely crept up until they led by a small margin, but they were unable to keep up the pace and the freshman and seniors passed them. The freshmen pressed the seniors hard but were unable to overtake them. Eighty-nine was the first to cross the line, Ninety-two was second and about half a length behind Eighty-nine. Ninety-one third, half a length behind Ninety-two. and Ninety was last by at least two lengths.

The race was hard fought throughout and intensely exciting. The freshmen and Mr. Alexander, who has been coaching them, deserve great credit for their excellent showing in the race.

After the race the bow of the new cedar shell, belonging to the sophomores, came in collision with the junior boat and a large hole was made in it.

The crews were made up as follows:

Seniors: Bow, C. A. Hight, Portland, Me., 152 pounds; 2, F. R. Dustan, Boston, 152; 3, J. T. Davis, Jr., St. Louis, Mo., 166; 4, A. P. Hebard, St. Louis, Mo., 162; 5 G. Perry, Boston, 161; 6, R. F. Perkins. Burlington Iowa. 153 7, F. E. Parker, Brookline, 160: stroke, E. C. Storrow, Brookline, 147; coxswin, J. E. Whitney, Newburyport.

Juniors: C. L. Crehore, Boston, 138; 2, L. W. Chamberlnin, Boston, 180; 3, R. Tyson, Boston, 159; 4, W. S. H. Lathrope, Beverly Farms, 260; 5, L. W. Pulsifer, Boston, 165; 6, S. W. Sturgis, Boston, 161; 7, W. Wells, Cambridge, 143; stroke, H. G. Vaughan, Cambridge, 168; coxswain, C. A. Lewis, Indianapolis, Ind.

Sophomores: Bow. S. Parker, Boston, 152; 2, Q. A. Shaw, Jr., Boston, 152: 3, W. M. Randol, New Almaden, Cal., 149; 4, G. Winthrop, New York, 161; 5, F. Winthrop, New York, 163; 6, G. T. Goldthwaite, New York, 174; 7, T. N. Perkins, Milton, 162; stroke, H. R. Bishop, New York, 142; coxswain, W. J. Farquhar, Newton.

Freshmen: Bow, J. O. Porter, Brookline, 152; 2, J. C. Powers, Rochester, N. Y., 194; 3, N. Rantoul, Boston, 152; 4, G. W. Steedman, St. Louis, 166; 5, W. F. Jones, Boston, 164; 6, F. N. Watriss, Chicago, 168; 7, J. A. Kidder, Brooklyn, 158; stroke, J. H. Goddard, Orange, 165; coxswain, J. Amory, Boston.

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