Special Notices.

Seminar in German A, Wednesday evening, June 19. The night before the examination. CLIFFORD H. MOORE and D. C. TORREY, 10 Stoughton. 100-6

PHILOSOPHY I.- Seminar, Wednesday, June 12, at 7.30 p. m., sharp The sixty-two questions will be definitely answered.

J. B. CRITTENDEN.140 Mt. Auburn St.Seminar in German A., Wednesday, June 19, 7 p. m. Richard Hochdoerfer, Ph. D. Former instructor in German at Harvard College, 890 Main St., opposite Beck Hall. It is desirable that applications for membership be made beforehand. 98 9t

A graduate of a German university, not located for the summer, offers his services as tutor in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, German or French. Reference, Mr. James T. Allen, West Newton. Address,

HUGO SCHMIDT, West Newton, Mass.2t


A student of American Parentage, born in Florence, Italy, and educated there and in Germany to his sixteenth year, would be glad to find a paying position as tutor in Italian, French or German, conversational or otherwise.

Address, HIRAM POWERS, Care James T. Allen, West Newton, Mass.

Tutoring in Physics B and C, Latin and Greek.

M. L. BRUUER, 35 Weld.98-6t

German A.- Tutoring. Address

D. C. TORREY, 10 Stoughton Hall.98-6t

Tutoring in freshman Physics. I shall also give two seminars on the course, one June 15th at 7.30 p m; the other June 16th, at 7 p m.

PERRY LAWTON, '88, 25 Hollis Hall.Second-hand College Text-Books and Law Books bought or exchanged. Notify me and I will send and get them and pay you cash for them.