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Yesterday on the Exeter campus were held the annual spring tennis tournament, and the first interscholastic athletic tournament between Exeter and Andover academies. In the tennis Exeter was victorious in both singles and doubles, and by this last victory Exeter has won the doubles cup for the fifth consecutive year. Andover won the singles match last fall, and as Exeter won it yesterday, it will be necessary to play a third match to decide the championship before the schools close. The athletic meeting was a success in every way. Great interest was taken in the outcome, since it was the first time such a contest had taken place between the two schools. Andover won, getting six events out of the nine. Exeter's showing would hardly have been so poor had she not been unfortunate. In the bicycle race her man took a header in the last lap, in the mile run her leading man was taken ill and had to be carried off, and in the 220-yards dash, Ellis fell within six feet of the finish with the Andover man just abreast of him.

The tennis tournament was played on the new campus on a court built especially for the purpose. Harrison, '90, represented Exeter in the singles, while Day played for Andover. Harrison greatly outdid his opponent and won easily by a score of 6-1, 6-3. Harrison played a very steady game straight through. His placing was admirable, and he volleyed well. Day on the other hand was far from sure, and although he got in an occasional clever stroke, the outcome of the match was doubtful at no point in the game. The doubles on the other hand were closely contested. Harrison and Soule, '90, for Exeter, and Spalding and Moore for Andover were the teams. In each of the three sets Exeter obtained a good lead, but the Andover representatives played a good up-hill game, and made it necessary to play two deuce sets. Soule and Harrison played the better team game, while Harrison's work at times was brilliant. Spalding did good work for Andover. The scores were in favor of Exeter, 9-7, 6-8, 6-1.

The field meeting began at 2.30. There were nine events, of which Andover won six and Exeter three. According to the rules of agreement but two men from each school contested in each event. Andover made the more cred table showing and her men were evidently in better training, but Exeter was a very close second in every event in which Andover won first place.

The events and winners are as follows:-1 mile bicycle race, Hallock, Andover, 3 minutes, 18 3-4 seconds; 2nd, Burr, Andover, School record broken. 100 yard dash, Baker, Exeter, 11 seconds; 2nd Ellis, Exeter. Running high jump, Heywood, Exeter, 5 feet, 5 5-8 inches; 2nd, Holmes, Andover; record broken. Pole vault, Cartwright, Andover, 8 feet 11 inches; 2nd Parrot, Exeter. Mile run, Curtis, Andover, 4 minutes, 56 seconds; 2nd Graves, Exeter. Record broken. Putting the shot. Turner, Andover, 32 feet, 4 1 2 in. 2nd, Ford, Exeter, 120 yards hurdle race, Graves, Andover, 19 2-5 seconds, 2nd, Stothers, Exeter. Running broad jump, Bloss, Exeter, 20 feet, 4 inches, 2nd, Heywood, Exeter; record broken. 220 yards dash, Foss, Andover, 25 seconds, 2nd, Ellis, Exeter. The officers of the meeting were: referee, G. S. Mandell '89; judges, A. T. Dudley, '87, and G. D. Pettee; Starter, E. C. Wright; time keepers, J. G. Lathrop, W. A. Francis, J. C. Kimball, clerk of course, J. S. Fillmore; directors, G. H. Carter, W. F. Baker, and G. L. Day of the Academy.

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