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Fact and Rumor.


Princeton '89 has a Fencing Club.

H. S. Sanford, '88, has been elected a regular editor of the CRIMSON.

Amherst is represented on the faculty of every college in New England.

A series of lectures is being given at Yale on subjects connected with business.

I. A. Ruland has been elected secretary of the CRIMSON, vice W. D. Clark, resigned.

Mr. F. S. Weber, the noted tenor, will sing at vesper service on Thursday next.

Carleton Greene, '89, has been elected secretary of the Shooting Club in place of Mr. Mead, resigned.

The attention of seniors is called to the urgent notices of the Photograph Committee in another column.

The Bowdoin College nine has arranged a game with the Portlands of the New England League for Fast day.

There is an interesting article in Friday's Princetonian on party feeling of the students during the Civil War.

The students of the University of Pennsylvania are to give a dramatic entertainment in behalf of the crew.

The total value of the property belonging to Phillips' Exeter Academy is $473,000. The disbursements of the institution last year were: $22,000 for the gymnasium, $14,000 for salaries and $4,082 for scholarships.

The Yale shell has been taken from the tank and the water drawn off, as the crew will row on the harbor in the future.

Prof. T. W. Hunt of Princeton is shortly to publish a new work, entitled "Representative English and Prose Writers."

Prof. Turner, the celebrated anatomist of Edinburgh, receives a salary of $20,000. This is said to be the largest salary received by any professor in the world. - Ex.

There are several men in training for the feather-weight boxing in the winter sports, and the event promises to be as interesting and well contested as it was last year.

President Gates, of Rutgers has refused permission to the students to give a minstrel entertainment for the benefit of the Athletic Association. Prof. Gates thinks it beneath the dignity of students to blacken their faces and appear on the stage.

Mr. James Russell Lowell is the next lecturer in the Lowell Institute courses of Technology, delivering six lectures on "Old English Dramatists," beginning Tuesday, March 8. A duplicate matinee course will be delivered on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, beginning March 9.

Photograph lists were sent yesterday from Pach's Studio to all members of senior class. This is a catalogue of all the photographs of class-mates and college personages and views which a senior would be likely to purchase, down to John the orangeman and Ko Kum Hua's children. According to Pach's estimate the present senior class numbers 240. The class has lost 46 members since its entrance.

Considerable amusement was occasioned in the auditor's room at the hall the other evening by the peculiar movements of a party of visitors. A student (presumably a freshman), while conducting a couple of ladies down from the gallery, so far lost his presence of mind as to continue his descent after reaching the floor of the hall. It was not until the party arrived in the cellar, and found themselves surrounded by the gloomy instruments of torture for which this part of the building is celebrated, that the unfortunate mistake was discovered and corrected.

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