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Important Class Day Notice.


There are still a few Class Day tickets remaining which can be purchased at 1 Stoughton, between 12 and 1 today.

In direct violation of the rules, a purchaser of tickets has entered into an agreement to furnish a clerk in Hubbard's drug store with a certain number of tickets which he is at liberty to sell after 9 p. m. Thursday. The reason for this time being specified, as stated by the purchaser is, that as the CRIMSON goes to print at that hour it would be impossible to secure the number of the tickets for publication. Acting as agent for the student, the clerk entered into an agreement yesterday to furnish to a certain person one Sanders ticket for $2, and one Memorial ticket for $3, in return for which the would be purchaser deposited with the clerk $5 and received the following receipt:

"Received of Charles Williams, $5.00 for Sanders Theatre and Memorial Hall tickets, one of each for H. Class Day, June 21, '89. Signed,

CHARLES ST-V-R."This receipt is in the possession of the committee.

The committee are in possession of the name of the man who furnished the club with tickets and the numbers of his tickets. An early conference with the committee may possibly prevent the publication of the offender's name in the Class Day number of the CRIMSON.

CHARLES M. THAYER. Chairman Class Day Com.

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