A Comparison of English and American College Records.

It is interesting to compare the best English college records with the best performances of college athletes in America. It seems that out of a total of eleven events the Englishmen hold eight, the American colleges two, while one event, the 100 yards dash, is a tie, at 10 seconds. The following is a carefully prepared table showing the best records so far announced, for American and English colleges:


100 yards. 10 sec.; 10 sec.

440 yards. 47 3-4s 50 3 5s.

880 yards. 1,56 7-8s; 1,54 2-5s.


One mile run. 4,29 4-5s; 4,25 2-5s.

Three mile run. 15,41 4 5s; 15,1 1-5s.

120 yards hurdle. 16 3-5s; 16s.

Two mile bicycle. 5,43s; 5,36 3-5s.

Running high jump. 6ft, 4in; 6ft, 21/2in.

Running broad jump, 22ft, 6in; 22ft, 101/2 Throwing hammer, 101ft, 11/2in; 138ft, 3in Putting the shot. 40ft, 91/2in; 42ft, 1in.

Of the records of American colleges for the above events, Harvard holds three, namely, one hundred yards, onequarter, and one-half mile; Yale has six to credit, while Amherst and the University of Pennsylvania have each one. One the other hand, Oxford holds six of the English records, and Cambridge holds the same number, as each of them hold the record for the one hundred yards dash. The records placed to the credit of American colleges are better in several instances than the American Intercollegiate records, but they are authentic records nevertheless and were made by college athletes.