Fact and Rumor.

Gale '92 has left college.

O. Everett '91 has left college.

There are thirty-five Exeter men in '93.

There are eighteen Andover men in '93.

We call attention to the ad on the half of the fourth page.

Walsh '89 is a reporter on the A bany Morning Express.

Walter D. Clark, '89, is in the Columbia Law School.

M. W. Richardson '89 has gone to Europe for a year.

Assistant Professor Hart was married last summer.

S. F. McCleary '88 will enter the Divinity School this fall.

Hight and Bigelow, Law School, will edit the Harvard Index this year.

The Yale News is now issued six instead of five days in the week.

The engagement is announced of Mr. Robert Elmer Townsend '89 to Miss Josephine Wheeldon.

The Fencing club rooms were entered this summer and the property of the members stolen.

I. A. Ruland, '89 is in the real estate office of Ruland and Whiting, New York city.

Robinson, Yale '90 has been elected captain of the Yale athletic team, in place of Harmar who will not return to college.