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Harvard-Yale Race.


The annual race between Harvard and Yale rowed at New London on June 28 was won by Yale. Harvard had the east course. Contrary to the usual custom, the race was rowed up the river and in the afternoon. The water was so rough in the morning that the referee deemed it best that it should be postponed. The race was witnessed both from numerous yachts and from the land by a large number of people, The word was given at seven o'clock and for the first minute neither boat had the advantage. During the third minute each crew was rowing thirty-four. Yale went ahead slowly and gained a lead which was gradually increased until at the finish there were six lengths of clear water. Both crews showed remarkable training but the superiority of Yale was evident. Harvard's recover was too hardand stopped the boat between each stroke, while Yale recovered easily with no loss of speed.

The crews were made up as follows;

YALE.Age W't.

Bow, C. F. Rogers. 19 160

2. C. O. Gill, 20 176

3. G. S. Brewster, 20 171

4. J. A. Hartwell 19 170

5, W. H. Corwin, 24 178

6, G. W. Woodruff, 25 176

7, Philip Allen 20 161

Stroke, E. L. Caldwell, 29 153

Coxswain, P. Thompson, 20 113


Bow, Gardner Perry, 22 163

2, T. N. Perkins, 19 164

3, E. C. Storrow, 21 147

4, J. S, Cranston, 23 184

5, J. R. Finlay, 19 188

6; B. T. Tilton, 20 185

7, J. P. Hutchinson, 22 157

Stroke R. F. Herrick 23 156

Coxswain, J. Whitney 21 106

Referee-Robert Cornell, Columbia. Harvard judge on boat-Lawrence E. Sexton. Judge at finish-N. Longworth, Jr. Timekeeper-William A. Brooks. Yale judge on boat-Robert J. Cook. Yale judge at finish-R. Fair-fax Harrison. Timekeeper-George A. Adee.

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