Special Notices.

A club table can be accommodated at Mrs. Brown's 47 Brattle street. 1

Tutoring in English 1 and 2.

B. S. HURLBUT, 17 Felton.87-3t

Tutoring in the classics of the freshman and sophomore years. Write, or call in the afternoon or evening.

F. K. BALL, '90, 5 Divinity Hall.87.4t


Tutoring in N. H. 2. Apply after 7 p. m. to

W. WHITNEY, '90. 27 Irving St.86 6

Political Economy 1, History 2, History 13. Tutoring, with notes taken this year in each course.

J. A. BAILEY, 31 Stoughton.86 6

Tutoring in Physics B, C, and 1; Chemistry A, B, and 1; and Math. D.

G. D. BUSSEY, '91, College House 10.81-4t

Tutoring in Criminal law.

L. P. HOWLAND, 31 year, 27 Irving street.85 6

Tutoring in History 13, Pol. Econ. 1, and History 2.

GEO. P. FURBER. 54 Thayer.84 6