Special Notices.

Mrs. E. L. Metcalf offers two large rooms at 13 Bow St. for club tables. Special arrangements for clubs of 12 or 14. Also very desirable club room at 18 Prescott street and two seats at a private tables.

A bonus of 50 per cent will be given to anyone taking Room 23 College House. 88-2t

Tutoring in German A, French A, and I.

J. E. SPURR, '92, 9 College

A club table can be accommodated at Mrs. Brown's 47 Brattle street. 1


Tutoring in English 1 and 2.

B. S. HURLBUT, 17 Felton.87-3t

Tutoring in the classics of the freshman and sophomore years. Write, or call in the afternoon or evening.

F. K. BALL, '90, 5 Divinity Hall.87-4t

Tutoring in N. H. 2. Apply a ter 7 p. m. to

W. WHITNEY, '90, 27 Irving St.86 6

Political Economy 1, History 2, History 13. Tutoring, with notes taken this year in each course.

J. A. BAILEY, 31 Stoughton.86 6

Tutoring in Criminal law.

L. P. HOWLAND, 31 year, 27 Irving street.85 6