Fact and Rumor.

H. T. King, '92, who was seriously injured last Sunday, is slowly recovering.

Students in History 1 may consult Mr. Pillsbury from 1.30 to 4.30 this afternoon in U. 17.

Men in sections B and E, French 1, and all men in French 2 will find their blue books in Sever A.

The freshman Glee club will sing in the Social Union hall tonight by invitation of some Cambridge ladies.

The total number of men graduated from all departments of Cornell this year will be about two hundred and forty.

All members of Mathematics 3 must write a thesis during the mid years on subjects assigned to them by Professor Byerly.

Professor Edwards, formerly instructor of rhetoric at Brown, has been appointed reading clerk to the Rhode Island house.

John A. McPhee, who for several years has rowed 4 in the Bradford eight with which the 'Varsity crew has a race every spring, died Friday morning.

There are still one hundred and forty men on the waiting list at Memorial. Over one hundred and thirty-five men have been admitted since the opening of college.

Professor Charles E. Fay, of Tufts college was elected president of the pedagogical section of the Modern Language association, which held a meeting recently in Cambridge.

Professor J. T. Platt, of the Yale Law School, died suddenly Friday afternoon of paralysis. He was on his way to a recitation when he was stricken down.

The head waiter at Memorial has, awaiting owners, the following articles which have been found there: the cape of an overcoat, two bath towels, two derby hats, two canes and several umbrellas. The auditor also holds a light overcoat and two pair of gloves.

Professor Burnham and Schaeberle, astronomers of the Lick observatory, who arrived in New York from Trinidad lately, will spend a few days here to make a systematic study of the photographs they made of the solar eclipse at Cayenne on December 22.

The annual dinner of the Williams College Alumni Association will be held at the Hotel Brunswick, New York city, February 6. The indications are that this will be the most largely attended dinner the association has ever held. A number of distinguished alumni of this and other colleges have signified their intention to be present and their willingness to respond to toasts.

The candidates for the Princeton Mott Haven team have been practicing since the holidays. Carey, '93, and Vredenburg, '92, will enter for the 100 and 200 yards dash; Dohm '90, for the 440 yards dash, half mile run and broad jump: Roddy '91, for half mile run and broad jump; Crane '93, and Wood-bridge, '93, for the mile run; Janeway '90, and Black '91 for throwing the hammer and putting the shot; Henken '93, for the high jump.