Fact and Rumor.

Professor Emerton is in Munich.

There was an unannounced hour examination in Latin B. Saturday.

A fire in the University of Minnesota caused a damage of $1500 last Friday.

There were no recitations in Professor Wright's courses last Friday and Saturday.

Professor W. W. Goodwin is to remain in Rome for the greater part of January.

The Princeton nine will be the same as that of last year with the exception of King, '89. Brokaw will again catch. Ames and Young will probably alternate in the box. Captain Dana, Osborn, Watts and Knickerbocker, will play first, second and third base, and short stop, respectively, and the fielders will be Payne, Durell and the change pitcher.

In order to create interest in the tug-of-war so that Yale may be represented by a team at the intercollegiate games next spring, the management of the athletic association have decided to hold interclass pulls after the Christmas vacation. Weekly contests in the high jump and putting the shot will be held in the gymnasium. A silver cup will be given in each contest to the man scoring the highest number of points, and by this method it is hoped to discover good material.

The annual dinner of the alumni of St. Marks school will be held next Saturday evening.

Professor N. S. Shaler has been elected one of the directors of the International Copyright association.

The announcement of the marks of the recent examination in History 1 will not be made until after the midyears.

Mr. J. J. Hayes of the Elocution department has been reading in New York state during the Christmas vacation.

The men from whom Captain Allen will select his new material for the Yale boat are, Heffelfinger, James, Ferris, Harrison, Aiken, Balliet, Klimpke, Ryle, Tillson, Isham, Ely, Swayne, Thompson, Camp, Morrison, Cartwright and Simms. Of these the first eight are regarded as especially promising men.

The Columbia 'varsity and freshman crews have begun active training. All of the men who sat in last year's varsity boat except Pelton and Knapp are back in college. Norrie, who stroked the victorious freshman crew in '88, will probably stroke the crew. Especial efforts will be made to turn out a good crew, as the race with Cornell next June is certain to be a hard one.

Princeton's new baseball cage is nearly completed. The original plan has been enlarged, and the cage will now measure 180x60 feet thus giving plenty of room for the nine and athletic team. The running track will be a large one with only twelve laps to the mile. To avoid interference with each other the nine will practice daily at noon, while the track athletes will train from half-past four till six o'clock.

The new cage to be erected by the University of Pennsylvania will be of corrugated iron on a wooded frame, 100 feet wide by 200 long. with fifteen large wire-covered windows. A coating of white paint has been put on the interior to facilitate battery practice, while a well-made track, bath and dressing rooms will make indoor training a possibility. The cost will be $6,500 enough of which has already been subscribed to warrant immediate building.