'VARSITY NOTICE.- The following men will be dressed for practice at the Cary Building at 2.15 sharp to play Amherst: Fearing, Hallowell. Alward, Blanchard, Davis, Newell, Heard, Shaw, Cranston, Burgess, Lake, Corbett, Lee, Trafford.

ARTHUR J. CUMNOCK.LOST.- Wednesday, on Divinity field, a new sweater; it was tied around sapling back of Divinity Chapel. The finder will greatly oblige me by returning it.

B. L. HAND, 4 Hastings.14-2t

LOST.- A fountain pen, on the path that runs from Grays and Matthews to University. It was dropped near University. Please return to the CRIMSON Office.

The following men of freshman team will be dressed for play today at 2.15 at gymnasium: Fay, Waters, Quigley, R. P. Blake, H. Cabot, Loring, Wrenn, Mackie, Gardner, Garrison, Beals, McDonald, S. M, Williams. Saltonstall.


T. E. SHERWIN, Temp. Captain.LOST.- Thursday, Oct. 9, between Sever and Boylston buildings, a gold watch chain. Finder will obtain reward by leaving it at 65 Mt. Auburn St.

LOST.- A pair of gold spectacles in a case marked Marasse, Chicago. Finder will leave them at Leavitt's and receive reward.

CRICKET ELEVEN.- The following men will meet at Bartlett's at 11 a. m. today: Hewes, MacVeagh, Davis, S. A. M. Skinner, C. S. Skinner, Wells, Bowler, Bates, Griswold and Beals. The train for Brockton leaves the Old Colony station, Kneeland St., at 12 o'clock.