'94 ELEVEN.- The following men will be at the gymnasium dressed at 3.30 today to play '93: Ladd, McDonald, Blake, Mackie, Morgan, Beals, Wrenn, Frothingham, Quigley, Gage, Garrison, Waters, McDonald, Hoag. The other candidates will be at the Cary building at 2 o'clock to use the tackling machine.

P. GARDNER, Temp. Captain.'91 ELEVEN.- Every one must be at the Gymnasium at 2.45 for short practice. Very important for every man to be on hand.

THE Shooting Club will hold a shoot this afternoon at Allston. Matches begin at 2 o'clock. The Founders' Cup will be shot for.

HARVARD BICYCLE CLUB.- The annual meeting for the election of officers will be held Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 7.30 p. m. in the Union Club rooms, Niles' Block.

'94 GLEE CLUB.- A trial of candidates for the Freshman Glee Club will be held in Roberts Hall on Brattle St., Wednesday evening, Oct. 29, at 7 o'clock. All freshmen who can sing at all are cordially invited to attend.

UNION CLUB.- There will be a short but very important meeting of the directors of the Union Club in the rooms tonight at seven sharp.

ROBERT H. DAVIS, President.TAKEN by mistake, an umbrella with owner's name on the handle from Memorial yesterday noon. Holder will please return to 46 Matthews.