Fact and Rumor.

J. H. Sears '88, was coaching the 'Varsity eleven yesterday.

There will be an hour examination in History 11 today at 12 o'clock.

Men wishing to take in room mates must call with them at the Bursar's office before Nov. 1st.

The general catalogue of the alumni of Amherst College, just published, shows that of the graduates of the classes up to 1827 all have died. The oldest living graduate of Harvard is Geo. Bancroft of the class of 1817.

The Canoe Club held its first smoker of the year in the Union Club Rooms last night. The election of officers for the coming year resulted as follows: Commodore, G. L. Batchelder '92; vice-Commodore, W. Stickney '91; purser, J. W. Wilder '93. The following new members were elected; P. L. Spalding '92. F. E. Soule '93, H. A. Davis '91, S. Cromwell '92, B. A. Gould '91, J. P. Lee '91, W. Cary '93, P. Manchester, '93, C. C. Blaney '91, E. Manning '93, G. Tyson '91, H. H. White, '92, H. Doe '93, D. R. Vail, '93.


The annual fall racces were postponed until Spring.