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The second game of the class series played yesterday on Norton field resulted in a tie between '91 and '92.

Both elevens played well, but '92 showed far more team work. Her men worked several fine tricks to good advantage, and during the first half outplayed '91. During the last half, however, '92 weakened perceptibly and she was no longer able to block off around the end men, as she had done in the first half. The seniors relied mostly on individual work for their gains. They made the most advantages by kicking the ball.

Ninety-one won the toss and took the ball. The usual V was formed and a gain made. Moen and McNear failed to make the necessary amount and the ball went to '92. Henry and Newell made advances and Forbes made a ten yard gain. After some fumbling McLeod got the ball out ofa scrimmage and ran from the '91 goal almost the length of the field towards '92 's line. Curtis caught up to him and tackled him just before he reached the line. The juniors prevented any further gain, and soon recovered the ball. White made a long run, and Henry, aided by Forbes' good blocking, gained five yards. Ninety-two advanced the ball steadily up the field to within a few yards of the senior's goal. A very bad pass followed; Moen got the ball and was forced to make a safety. Score 2-0. Just before time was called White and Forbes worked the criss cross trick and made a big gain for '92.

The second half was only fifteen minutes long; the first was 30 minutes. Neff made a gain by the wedge. Henry fumbled and Crosby dropped on the ball. McNear gained 10 yards and Weld 5. A series of short rushes through the centre brought the ball to the juniors' line. They secured it but were forced to make a safety a moment later. Time was called soon after. The teams:

'91.- Rushers, Green, Corning, Winthrop, Higgins, McLeod, Mason, Crosby; quarter-back, Guerin; half-backs, MacKay, Moen; full back, Weld.

'92.- Rushers, Curtis, Weed, S. Berry, L. Berry, Steedman, Newell, Draper, Putnam; quarter-back, Neff; half-backs, White, Henry; full-back, Forbes.

It has not yet been decided when the tie game shall be played off, though the contest will probably take place tomorrow or Friday.

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