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The game yesterday afternoon was played on a slippery field and in a driving rain, but the eleven did better work than it has for some time. The greatest improvement is noticeable in the work of the rush line; the men went at Wesleyan's heavy rushers in a an aggressive way that settled how the game was going from the start. On account of the condition of the field there was a great deal of fumbling, and the ball was often well into Harvard's territory. But at such times the line never failed to force their opponents back. Upton, Cranston, Newell and Hallowell all did good, steady work; Upton did some of the prettiest tackling seen on the field this year, and both he and Newell rushed with telling effect. Hallowell handled Leo easily; he never failed to get down the field when the ball was kicked, and effectually stopped every effort to send men around his end with the ball. Wesleyan forced Harvard to play a kicking game. Hall's long punts repeatedly sent the ball away from the visitors' goal; it was not always returned well, the Harvard backs and especially, Trafford, being very slow. Trafford redeemed himself by some very pretty tackling, at one time stopping Hall and preventing Wesleyan from scoring. Sherwin, up to the time he was hurt, played the game back of the line, however; his play was strong at every point of the game.

Play began with Wesleyan in possession of the ball. They began strongly, using their heavy line to advantage. In less than two minutes after play began, however, Hallowell secured the ball on a fumble, and carried it the full half length of the field, scoring a touch-down; goal. Score, 6-0.

This seemed to daze the visitors for they lost the ball immediately after putting it in play. Sherwin gained 12 yards; Upton went through the line and advanced the ball 7 yards; then Lake made a strong run of 25 yards; Newell failed to advance the ball, but Sherwin carried it across the line after a pretty run of 15 yards; no goal. Score 10-0. Wesleyan failed to gain when the ball was put in play, and Hall was forced to kick. Trafford was very slow, allowing himself to be tackled before he could return the ball. Sherwin brought the ball back by a beautiful run of 45 yards, and a minute later Trafford kicked a goal from the field. Score 15-0. The Harvard line was doing splendid work. Wesleyan could not get the ball ahead. They tried to send the half-backs through the centre and around the ends; both plans failed, and the ball came to Harvard again. The line opened up a good hole, and Upton gained 12 yards; then the ball was given to Lake, and he made one of the longest and best rushes of the game, scoring a touch-down; goal. Score 21-0. The visitors now settled down to work, and during the next twenty minutes played a stiff game. Hall's long punts were very effective; when the Wesleyan rushers could not clear the way for the backs, Hall could always be depended upon to send the ball well down the field. Sherwin did some good work returning these punts, but he was hurt at last and compelled to leave the game. Lee took his place. Harvard finally got the ball on Wesleyan's 20 yard line. Lee advanced it 17 yards, and Lake carried it over; goal. Score 27-0. Wesleyan gained 10 yards by forming a V, and immediately afterwards Hall made a pretty rush of 25 yards, being stopped by Trafford. The ball came to Harvard on four downs. Lake gained 10 yards through the centre; Upton advanced the ball 20 yards farther; Lee went around the end for 30 yards. Then Lake found a hole through the centre and gained 8 yards. Newell had no difficulty in making the remaining 4 yards; goal. Score 33-0. Wesleyan forced the ball into Harvard's territory, and Hall kicked it over the line. When Harvard brought it out Lake made a splendid run of 65 yards. Lee followed this with a 20 yard run around the end scoring another touch-down; goal. Score 39-0. Time was called a minute later with the ball near the middle of the field.

The second half of fifteen minutes was sharply played. Harvard forced Wesleyan steadily back. Hall tried kicking, but Trafford returned the ball well. With the play near Wesleyan's line Newell broke through, secured the ball and scored; goal. Score 45-0. Harvard immediately secured the ball on four downs. It was given to Upton. He was tackled, but passed the ball to Dean, who ran the half length of the field along the side line and scored; goal Score 51-0. After the ball was put in play Newton was hurt, and Cutts took his place. Hall's kick was stopped and Cranston secured the ball. Lee gained 25 yards by one rush, and by a second scored a touch-down just as time was being called. Final score 55-0.

The teams:

Harvrd.- Rushers, Fearing, Upton, Shaw, Cranston, Blanchard, Newell, '94, and Hallowell; quarter-back, Dean; half-backs, Sherwin (Lee) and Lake; full-back, Trafford.

Wesleyan.- Rushers, Ralston, Moore, Newton (Cutts) Fogg, Bickford, Hildreth, and Leo; quarter-back, Parsley; half-backs, Slayback and Meredith; full-back, Hall.

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