LOST.- On Jarvis field, during Wesleyan game, cape to mackintosh. Color was brown and blue. Finder will please return to 27 Holyoke House.

LOST.- Two wire nose masks, on Tuesday afternoon. Finder will please return them to the janitor of the gymnasium.

G. L. BATCHELDER.ELECTRIC CLUB.- There will be an important meeting of the Electric Club in the club room in Lawrence on Lawrence on Thursday, October 30, at 7.30 p. m. A full attendance is absolutely necessary as important changes in the constitution are to be voted on.

HOWARD C. SMITH, Secretary.CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.- Devotional meeting this evening at 6.30, in Lawrence Hall. All members of the university are cordially invited.

FINE ARTS 3, ITALIAN 4.- Professor Norton is unable to meet his classes today.


THE Shooting Club will meet this afternoon at Allston. Matches begin at two o'clock.