Fact and Rumor.

W. Brooks '87, is to referee the Yale-Princeton game.

Men in German 9 are translating Scott's "Tales of a Grand-father."

There was a cut yesterday in Fine Arts 3.

There will be no examination in History 2 tomorrow.

There will be an hour examination in Philosophy 1 today.


Hereafter Professor Emerton will lecture on Thursdays in History 1.

Blue-books for the History 12 examinations can be handed in today.

Those who got above C in Greek B. have been promoted into Greek D.

Professor Francis G. Peabody gives a reception to the freshman class next Wednesday.

The cups for the coming meet of the H. U. C. A. are on exhibition in Thurston's window.

The Week's Sport ranks Hovey, Law School, fifth among the country's tennis players.

Julia Marlowe will not play in Boston next week on account of a dangerous illness.

Professor Royce is to contribute two papers for the Atlantic on Hegel and Schopenhauer.

The record for the world's baseball championship is Brooklyn 3, Louisville 2.

The members of Botany 2 will have a general discussion next Wednesday in place of an hour examination.