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The Botanical Museum.


The Botanical Museum occupies the western wing of Agassiz Museum, and is now almost finished. The corner section of the building, built by Alexander Agassiz in memory of his father, is given over to Zoology. Then follow, the Geology. Mineralogy, and Botany departments.

On the first floor of the Botany department is a fine large lecture room, given by N. C. Nash '84, in memory of his father. The floor slopes gradually down to the basement floor. The basement is meant for the chemical division of Botany, having a small room for charts and maps opposite the lower door of the lecture room, a room for photographic experiments and several store rooms. A little room, sunk in the ground below the basement, is kept at a constant temperature for certain experiments. Besides the lecture room, the first floor contains a large room for physiological experiments.

On the second floor is the instructor's room, two large laboratories for advanced classes, and a long range of connecting rooms for the laboratory work in Botany 1. These rooms will be finished by February.

The third and fourth floors consist chiefly of exhibition rooms, to be open to the public. These rooms run all through the building, connecting with one another, so that one can walk from the Zoology department exhibition rooms through the entire building. Also on the third floor is a long room given up to the collection of glass flowers-one case of which will be on exhibition in about three weeks.

The fourth floor has a private room for Professor Goodale and Professor Cooke, the exhibition rooms before mentioned, and an experiment room for special advanced students.

The fifth floor belongs exclusively to Professor Farlow for his courses. Over this is a large attic used for a store room.

Professor Goodale collected the building funds, which were given by N. C. Nash, F. L. Ames, H. H. Hunnewell, J. L. Gardiner and others. At present Professor Goodale is abroad on his sabbatical, travelling in India, New Zealand, Australia and China, collecting materials for the department.

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