Fact and Rumor.

The '91-'93 game has been postponed until Monday.

Cornell beat Union College Thursday, 32-0.

An hour examination in History 1 may be expected soon.

The second eleven will play at Fall River today.

Trafford, L. S., expects to play with the 'varsity in next Tuesday's game.

Sherwin, '94, will be on the field again next week.

Crosby and Goldthwaite played with the 'varsity yesterday.

There will be an examination in Latin B on Tuesday.

The Glee Club has been asked to sing in Minneapolis.

French 2 will be divided into three sections next Monday.

Today is the last day the bursar will make arrangements for dividing room charges between room mates.

English 9 will read Scott's Ivanhoe and essay on Chivalry next week.

There will be an hour examination in German A on Monday.

There will be an hour examination in Latin 3 November 6.

Gill will probably not play again this season, owing to his broken nose.

The first special report in History 13 will not be due until one o'clock, Monday.