EXETER CLUB.- There will be a very important business meeting of the Exeter Club on Friday, November 14, in the Union Club Rooms. Every Exeter man ought to come.

W M. J. FARQUHAR, Vice-President.LEFT in Appleton Chapel Sunday evening, a black umbrella, Marked M. A. Scott. Will the finder please leave it with Mr. Jones, the janitor, and oblige,

M. A. SCOTT.ENGLISH 9.- Blue books for the hour examination should be left at T. 54 by Wednesday night at latest.

LEWIS E. GATES.ELECTRIC CLUB.- Thursday evening Mr. Sabine, Instructor in Physics, will address the club. Subject, "Some practicable problems in alternate currents.

H. C. SMITH, Secretary.CHOIR rehearsal today (Wednesday) at 5 o'clock.


CONFERENCE FRANCAISE.- Meeting tonight at the club rooms, 414 A., Harvard street.

W. G. HOWARD, Secretary.HARVARD BICYCLE CLUB.- Secretary's hours of business Wednesday and Friday from 10 to 11.

B. C. DE WOLE, 29 Little's Block.HARVARD BICYCLE CLUB.- Smoker in the Union Rooms Thursday at 7.30.

B. C. DE WOLE, Secretary.HARVARD GLEE CLUB.- Important rehearsal at 1.30 today.

C. J. F. BRUEGGER, Secretary.