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Foot Ball.

Harvard 64; Amherst o.


Harvard had no trouble yesterday afternoon on Hampden Park, Spring-field, in running up 64 points against the Amherst team. Two half-hours were played. The grounds were in excellent condition despite the rain of the previous day. Heffelfinger, Williams and Harvey, of the Yale eleven, witnessed the game, but there were not more than a couple of hundred spectators altogether.

Both sides played a regulation game, rushing the ball and kicking on the third down. Occasionally, however, Trafford gave the men a rest by punting on the first down. Harvard's work was characterized by shap and she made more successful attempts at team play than she has shown heretofore this season. Everybody in the rush line held and used his hands, however, and Harvard, as a result, lost the ball on fouls repeatedly. The men showed an inability to stop Amherst's V which gained her five or ten yards time and again. Once or twice also the Amherst men made big holes in Harvard's line through which the backs ran without any trouble.

As a whole, however, the play was encouraging. Corbett made several brilliant dashes, and showed a good deal of life and speed. Lake, Trafford and Dean also did good, steady work behind the line. Of the forwards Finlay showed up very well. Hallowell did a great share of the tackling in the line and handled himself creditably. Shea was at right tackle instead of Newell, and his play was good throughout. He rushed well with the ball. Upton at the other tackle showed himself a good ground gainer, and ran around the end several times, with the aid of Dean's blocking off. At left end Cumnock played in something like his old time form and did far better work than he has done since his injury.

Harvard had the play to begin with. Lake, as usual, was put behind the V with the ball and gained 10 yards. Upton added five more. Then Corbett ran thirty-five yards through Amberst's team, and scored a touch down; goal. Score 6-0.

Crocker gained gained 10 yards behind Amherst's V from the middle of the field. Shea prevented Gould from gaining and on the third down, an exchange of kicks was made. On Amherst's third down Dean broke through, took Lyall's bad pass and scored a touchdown from the 35 yard line; goal. Score 12 0.

Amherst's four downs gave Harvard the ball. Lake fumbled but Hallowell took the ball for 15 yards. Offside play gave Amherst the ball. Cumnock got it again on Pratt's fumble. Lake and Upton gained 30 yards, and B. Trafford was sent through the centre. Lake went around the left end and scored; goal. Score 18-0.

Hamilton carried the ball on Amherst's V and made 12 yards. Four downs gave the ball to Harvard, but Lake fumbled it and Amherst assumed the aggressive again. On the third down Hallowell took I ratt's kick. Corbett and Upton gained, and Lake went through the centre for 20 yards. Amherst took the ball on Harvard's off-side play but she couldn't gain, and kicked. Corbett took the punt and ran 20 yards. He went around the right end a moment later and brought the ball near Amherst's goal. Lake ran between right end and tackle and scored; goal. Score 24-0.

Gould gained 5 yards on the V. Hallowell and Cranston effectually prevented further gains and Pratt kicked. Trafford caught it fair. Lake made a good gain, but Harvard continued to play off-side, and the umpire gave the ball to Amherst's keeping. The Harvard forwards poured through the line so fast that Pratt had no chance to punt on the third down. Trafford kicked on the first down. Cranston got the ball near Amherst's line, and Shea made the touchdown around the left end; goal. Score 30-0.

It took some time to score again. Amherst gained eight yards as usual on the V and Gould made eight more between Upton and Cumnock. An exchange of kicks followed. Then Amherst braced. Pratt made 5 yards between Hallowell and Shea, Cutler five between Finlay and Upton, and Allen found a hole in the same place. A fumble gave Dean a chance to fall on the ball. Shea, Lake, Upton and Trafford brought the ball to Amherst's 15 yard line. Trafford made an unsuccessful try for goal from the field on the third down, Amherst gained 10 yards from the 25 yard line on the V. She lost by an exchange of kicks, and Corbett had to run but a few yards before scoring; goal. Score 36-0. Amherst began the play with the V again and gained 20 yards. Time was called soon after.

After the second half began neither side gained for some time until Corbett made a pretty run of 20 yards. Holding by Harvard gave Amherst the ball, but Harvard soon got it again. Corbett made a good advance and Lake made the touch down; no goal. Score 40-0.

Amherst brought the ball to the 25 yard line but Harvard got it on four downs. Corbettran the 25 yards around the end and scored; goal. Score 46 0.

Amherst got ten yards by the V but soon relinquished the play to Harvard. Corbett and Lake did most of the ground gaining till the 15 yard line was reached. Then Upton went around the end and scored; no goal. Score 50-0. Amherst couldn't do anything with Harvard's rush line, and Corbett was given an opportunity to run around the end for a touch-down; no goal. Score 54 0. He made another in two minutes more; no goal. Score 58-0.

Amherst's V gained 10 yards again. Harvard got the ball, however, and Corbett made a brilliant rush through the whole Amherst team, scoring the last touch-down; goal. Score 64-0.

The teams were:

Harvard-Cumnock, Upton, Finlay, Cranston, P. Trafford, Shea, Hallowell; quarter-back, Dean; half-backs, Lake and Corbett; full-back, Trafford.

Amherst-Raley, Allen, Stewart, Lewis, Morse, Crocker, Hamilton, (Griswold); quarter-back, Lyall; half-backs, Cutler and Gould; full-back, Pratt.

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