Ninety-Four o; Fall River o.

The freshmen played one forty minute half with the Fall River eleven on Saturday. The result was a tie, neither side scoring.

The play of the freshman eleven showed signs of improvement. Their team work was very fair and Fall River in fused into them some of their own life and shap. The rush line, however, was often broken through and the tackling was not always sure. There was a good deal of fumbling. Borden and Gage played their positions well and twice made a very pretty criss cross play.

The visitors took the ball and on a V made five yards. Borden and Gage failed to gain. On the third down Stone was sent through the centre for seven yards. The criss cross was then signaled for and Harvard's half-backs completely baffied the home team and gained ten yards. Stone was again sent through the centre but fumbled; Borden caught the ball and made a thirty yard run. On three downs Fall River kicked. Stone received the punt but could make little advance. Again Gage and Borden tried the criss cross and made ten yards around the right end. Harvard was too slow and lost three yards, and poor blocking off let N. Borden stop the criss cross.

S. Borden, aided by good blocking, made ten yards around the right end and Stone added five through the centre but again lost the ball. N. Borden then ran right through the freshman line and made fifteen yards before Gage downed him. On four downs Harvard got the ball and on a poor pass Fall River broke through and then Stone kicked. Hawkins made a beautiful return, which S. Borden received and ran ten yards. Time was soon called on account of darkness. The teams:

Ninety-four-rushers, Wrenn, McDaniel, Rogers, Fay, Saltonstall, Beals, Waters; quarter-back, Gardner; half-backs, S. Borden, Gage; full-back, Stone.


Fall River-rushers, Stevens, Wilcox, Nichols, Matherson, Trafton, O. Pierce, W. Borden; quarter-back, Gee; half-backs, Hawkins, N. Borden; full-back, C. Pierce.