Growth of the University.

During the last year the university has grown in each department except the School of Veterinary Surgery. The College has increased its students by 68, which is 23 less than the increase made last year, The Law School also gained only 25 students, which is less than the gain made last year. On the other hand the Medical School made a handsome gain of 38 students. The increase in the number of students in the whole university is 193 compared to an increase of 179 made last year.

The numbers in the various departments for 1889-90 and 1890-91 are given below:

1889-90. 1890-91.

College, 1271 1339

Divinity School, 35 41


Law School 254 279

Scientific School. 65 88

Medical School, 290 328

Dental School, 35 44

Bussey Institute, 2 7

School of Vet. Surgery, 20 20

Graduate School, 107 125

Total, 2078 2271