Special Notices.

STUDENTS' BOARD.- A club table, also a general table, at BREWER'S, Brattle Square, Cambridge.

TABLE BOARD.- 13 Bow St. To those desiring superior table board Mrs. Metcalf offers a few seats at a general table and accommodations for two clubs of 4 to 8 persons. Terms $8 per week.

DANCING AND DEPORTMENT.Eighth season. Mrs. L. J. Chandler will reopen her classes at Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport, Tuesday, Oct. 7, and would be pleased with your patronage. Children's class, Tuesday, Oct, 7, at 5 o'clock. Young people's class, Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 8 o'clock. Germans, Friday evenings, commencing Oct. 17. Private lessons by appointment. Residence. Insurance Building, cor Main and Inman Sts.

'90 MEN and others can secure copies of last year's "Harvard Portfolio" at subscription prices at 14 Stoughton or at Thurston's. 31-6t

RADFORD, JONES and Co., Tailors, 32 George St., Hanover Square, London, W. Mr. Wallace Jones will be at Young's Hotel, Boston, until Friday, November 7th. Office hours, 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.

TUTORING.- History 1 and 15.

F. G. CAFFEY, 55 College-House.2t

TUTORING in History 15 and English 2

W. W. NOLEN, 2 Manter Hall.TUTORING in German A, B, C, and German Electives by Richard Hochdofer, Ph. D., former Instructor in German in Harvard College, 407, Harvard Street. House: 19 Ware Street.