Fact and Rumor.

Henry IV will be the next play read in English 2.

There will be an examination in German 4 in Sever 37.

The second eleven will play Tufts November 12.

There will be an hour examination Monday in German 4.

Coffin, Wesleyan '89, will umpire the Yale-Princeton game.


The Cadet Minstrels will play one entire week this winter.

Henry M. Stanley will lecture in Boston November 18 and 22.

It is said that the Index will be out on Thanksgiving this year.

There will be an examination in Greek B November 15.

There will be an examination in French 2 on Monday.

The Bicycle Club will soon hold a hare and hounds run.

Blue books for the examination in English A must be in tomorrow.

The first special report in Philosophy 14 is due November 12.

The first swimming contest of the B. A. A. occurs November 13.

Subjects for the next theme in English B must be in by next Tuesday.