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The game which the Yale freshmen played against the Harvard freshmen last Saturday was very like many other freshman games which have been played in the past. It is always difficult for a freshman team to play a scientific game of football because they are generally broken up just before the games by the admission of a number of new players from the 'varsity teams who are entirely ignorant of the game the team has been playing. The freshman teams at both Yale and Harvard are also much neglected in the matter of coaching there being seldom anybody around college who is able to coach and willing to give the necessary time to it. Considering these facts it is only fair to say that the game last Saturday was a very creditable one.

In team play it was a pretty even thing, but the Harvard players were better. The Yale freshmen played a very plucky game against a much heavier team, their tackling was very good and their runs were determined and vicious. Bliss did perhaps the best work on the field. He ran beautifully, tackled well and caught well. McCormick played a remarkably good game in every respect. Lewis did well at guard, while the end rushers Cochrane and James out-played their opponents at every point. For Harvard Newell and Shea tackled very well indeed, and Shaw played steadily and well. Behind the line Corbett did the best work and the most of it. He was rather too cool and collected; once he thought the ball was going to roll over the line and waited for it to do so, but it unfortunately stopped near the five years line and he was obliged to drop on it there. He made several line runs and his kicking could hardly be surpassed. Sherwin, Gage, Stone and Cabot played very steadily and well.

Perhaps 2,500 people saw the game. Harvard colors were plenty but Yale sent up very few supporters. There was very little enthusiasm, though in the second half the Harvard men cheered lustily for their team. The teams were as follows:


Wrenn, l. e. r. e., James.

Shea, l. t. r. t., Van Huyck.

Shaw, l. g. r. g., Winters.

Mackie, c. c., Perkins.

Saltonstall, r. g. l. g., Lewis.

Newell, r. t. l. t., Polk.

Waters, r. e. l. e., Cochrane.

Cabot, q. b. q. b., Jenkins.

Corbett, l. h. b. l. h. b., Bliss.

Sherwin, r. h. b. r. h. b., McCormick.

Stone, f. b. f. b., Noyes.

Harvard had the ball and Cabot behind the V made 20 yards. Sherwin then tried a run to the right but gained nothing. Corbett gained 5 yards through the right end of the line and Newell got 10 yards through the left but the ball went to Yale for holding.

Bliss made a pretty run of ten yards between Wrenn and Shea. After two more tries without gain Noyes punted high. Corbett thought the ball would roll over the line but it stopped on the five yard line. Corbett punted to Bliss and the ball went to Yale at Harvard's 40 yard line. Yale gained nothing in three tries and the ball went to Harvard.

The field had been frozen and thawed so that it was very slippery and a great deal of falling down was the result. The Harvard rush line being heavier and clumsier was more troubled by the condition of the ground than the Yale line was.

Cabot made a bad pass and lost 5 yards; and Corbett punted to Bliss.

With the ball at the Harvard 45 yard line McCormick gained 5 yards but Jenkins lost ten by a bad pass and Bliss fell on the ball. Bliss then made a pretty run around Wrenn's end for 15 yards. McCormick lost three yards by Waters' good tackle. Bliss then tried for a goal from the field, but the ball hit a Harvard man and bounded around a good deal until a Yale man dropped on it at the Harvard 15 yard line. Good tackling by Newell and Shea and steady blocking in the centre prevented Yale from gaining any more and the ball went to Harvard on 4 downs.

Harvard now worked the ball up the field; Shea gained ten yards, Newell 2, Stone 0, Conbett 10 in spite of a good tackle by James, Sherwin 5; Shea lost the ball but got it again, Newell got 2 yards, Corbett 25 by a good interference. Sherwin, Stone and Shea gained about 5 yards, but Corbett failing to gain, Yale got the ball on four downs.

Bliss lost three yards by Shaw's good tackle. After another unsuccessful rush into the centre by a Yale halfback, Bliss punted to Corbett who tried to run with the ball and failed. Corbett gained 5 yards by a run and Harvard was given five more for off-side play. Sherwin got 3 yards, Newell 10 and Corbett 3, but Yale got the ball on 4 downs.

Good tackling by Cabot and Newell kept Yale from gaining and Noyes punted badly, Shaw falling on the ball.

Corbett and Suerwin gained about 15 yards but Yale got the ball on holding. The ball was now on Yale's 30 yard line.

Winters, Polk and Noyes failed to gain 5 yards and the ball went to Harvard. Newel got ten yards but the ball was taken back and given to Yale for holding. It immediately after went back to Harvard for the same reason.

Cochrane, James, and McCormick now did some very good tackling. Although Harvard kept the ball a long time, she failed to gain. Corbett, after a number of rushes by Stone, Sherwin and Newell had got the ball to Yale's 15 yard line, carried the ball back 20 yards on the fourth down to keep it. The ball went to Yale the very next play for holding.

Noyes tried to run, but was tackled and lost the ball. The Harvard men thought it had been called down but Lewis picked it up and ran fifteen yards before he was stopped by Corbett. Immediately the ball went to Harvard on four downs. Corbett made a high punt and Yale got the ball on her own 40 yard line.

After losing 5 yards by two runs by Bliss and McCormick, Noyes kicked to Sherwin who ran well for about ten yards but hurt his leg when tackled. Newell gained a little but Yale got the ball for holding. Noyes made a poor kick and Wrenn dropped on the ball.

Corbett gained 8 yards, Shea 10, Shea 5 again, Newell 5, Shea 2, Corbett 0, Newell 2. Yale's ball on 4 downs.

Lewis got 4 yards by two rushes and McCormick and Bliss made a handsome loss of 10 yards by the crises cross trick. Noyes made a big punt from the 10 yard line-to Corbett.

Corbett got 15 yards around the right end, Shea 0 Corbett 3, The ball was now on the Yale 30 yard line. Sherwin being very lame, Gage went on in his place and at once made a good run between Newell and Waters, but the ball was given to Yale on holding.

Bliss and Van Huyck gained nothing and Noyes made a long punt to Gage who caught well and ran 20 yards before he was stopped. Here the umpire decided that the last two plays had been out of order and for some reason or other gave Harvard the ball about the Yale 30 yard line. The ball soon went to Yale on four downs.

Van Huyck gained five yards and Bliss made a splendid run of 75 yards around the right end. He passed Wreun and Shea by interference of his rushers. Corbett by speed, Gage by dodging, and was finally brought down by Newell on the five yard line and hurt. After short runs by Lewis and McCormick, the latter scored a touchdown from which Bliss kicked no goal. Time was then called with the score 4 to 0 in favor of Yale.

In the second half the Harvard freshmen did rather better work and went at it with a great deal more snap. Yale was very much over-ma chod and perhaps the score with Corbett's goal from the field counted in, would give a fairer idea of the strength of the teams than the score which was actually given.

Yale gained about 2 yards on the V. Newell and Shea tackled well and Harvard got the ball on four downs. Yale got it again for holding. Noyes punted to Corbett who returned it with a tremendous kick. Noyes returned but Harvard gained 30 yards by the exchange. Soon after Corbett punted again. Bliss muffed the ball and Waters fell on it at the Yale 12 yard line, Gage gained 5 yards and Harvard got 5 more for off-side play. Corbett jumped across the remaining two yards and scored a touch-down.

Corbett tried for a goal but the ball went very low and one of the Yale rushers, somewhat rattled, stopped it at the five yard line.

Yale gained nothing in two rushes and Noyes kicked to Corbett who caught the ball and carried it to the 15 yard line. Gage gained a little in two short rushes and Corbett kicked a very fine goal from the field. The umpire, however, saw some holding, called back the Harvard men, disallowed the goal, and gave Yale the ball on the 10 yard line.

In the next run Bliss was hurt with no gain. Noyes kicked to Stone. In spite of good tackling, Harvard gained a good deal by rushing. Corbett got 5, Gage 5, Stone 2, Corbett 4, Corbett 0, Shea 3 yards. Corbett now lost about 25 yards and the ball by trying for a goal from the field.

VanHuyck lost the ball and 5 yards but Noyes dropped on it. Polk was hurt a little in a scrimmage but did not retire. Noyes punted. Corbett caught and ran 20 yards. Corbett kicked to Noyes who slipped under the ball but made a very handsome catch.

Yale gained a yard on the V but Harvard got the ball on the 35 yard line. Yale got it again on four downs. Lewis, Noyes, and Polk in succession gained altogether about 12 yards, but Bliss lost three and the ball went to Harvard.

Shea, Corbett and Gage gained 5 yards, Corbett 15, Gage 10 and Newell made a touchdown. Corbett kicked the goal. Score 10-4.

Yale got three yards on the V. Here Bliss who had been hurt several times in the game retired and Henry took his place. Henry gained about 15 yards on two runs, but the ball soon went to Harvard. Corbett punted to Noyes and Yale got the ball on the 40 yard line. It was now too dark to see exactly what was done but Harvard soon got the ball. They immediately lost 10 yards by Yale's good tackling. Corbett punted and Yale got a fair catch. After gaining 10 or 12 yards on the V and several rushes, Yale lost the ball on downs. Newell gained 0, Gage 2 yards, Stone 8, Gage 5, and Newell scored a touchkown from which Corbett kicked no goal. The game was called on account of darkness. Score 14-4.

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