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Sophomore Crew.


The success of the sophomores in the class races this fall has added a considerable interest to their crew. Except for the freshmen the '93 crew has been the first to begin training again. On the first of this month notice was given that the crew would begin training; and about thirty candidates turned up in answer to this notice. Hardly any of the men have ever been in the boat. None of those that rowed in the class races last May, or in the race with Columbia have begun training yet. Of the men that rowed in the race this fall there are three now working with the crew. The experience of most of the other men ends with their training for the freshman crew last year; and some have not even this experience.

At first the crews began work in the rowing room of the gymnasium, going through body work alone. But when the university stopped rowing on the river it was found that the rowing room was needed for them and the freshmen. So the crews are now rowing in the tank of the Carry Building. At first there were four crews rowing, but for the last day or two there have been but three. G. E. Burgess, the captain, has been coaching the crews. Every now and then C. A. Hight, L. S., his taken the crews for an afternoon. The work has consisted so far of body motion, practising the swing from the hips and the stiff back. For a part of the time the straight arm has been practised; and yesterday in the rowing room the first two crews used the oars. After the rowing the men go through a brief dumb bell exercise, and take a short run. It is too early for much criticism of the men. There are not many heavy men among the candidates; the old crew however, was a pretty heavy set. The body work of the crews has been fair but when they took the oars yesterday, it all seemed to disappear.

At present there are three crews rowing, as follows:


J. D. Baldwin, C. brewer,

R. G. Emmett, C. B. like,

J. E. Holland, G. Walcott.

R. Bisbee, S. W. Eilsworth.


C. L. Barlow, C. G. Winslow,

T. A. Jaggar, A. N. Broughton,

G. B. Pieice, C. R. Falk,

E. B. Bartlett, B. L. Hand.


G. De C. Curtis. A. Hale,

H. Ware, P. V. K. Johnson,

H. L. Frint, M. Dun,

C. E. Cook, A. L. Cochrane.

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