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University Crew.


The candidates for the crew have been doing more or less work all the fall under the supervision of Captain Perkins. Until the beginning of November work was done mainly in priors and very few men did any regular work. A new paper barge had been ordered from Waters of Troy early in the summer, and it was received at the boat house almost at the beginning of the year. The crew has not used her during the fall but she will be used by the 'varsity early in the spring. The boat is said to be a great improvement over the other barges at the boat house, being lighter and rigged with all the modern improvements.

About November 1st a barge crew began to row regularly on the river. This crew was generally made up as follows: Perkins stroke,, Rantoul 7, Powers 6, Cummings 5, Watriss 4, Jones 3, Porter 2, Earle or Slade bow. This crew of course had many faults but occasionally they did pretty fair work. Their chief faults as a crew were a general failure to control the slides, and to sit up at the finish. These faults together with a general jerkiness were common to all the men, who of course had individual faults of their own. C. F. Adams, 2d, of the Law School coached the men occasionally, but outside of that very little coaching was done.

About the first of this month the weather became so bad that it was determined to abandon the river until spring. The candidates then went into the gymnasium where they have been coached daily by Capt. Perkins. A number of new men have begun work and there are at present 17 men at training, including Perkins. Yesterday the candidates were rowing as follows:


Powers '92, stroke, Miller '93.

Rantoul '92, 7 Post '93.

Watriss '92, 6 Slade '93.

Jones '92, 5 Newell '94.

Vail '93, 4 Shaw '94.

Cummings '93, 3 Henry '92.

Porter '92, 2 Burling '91.

Earle '93, 1 McDonald '92.

They are all rowing without bending the arms and on a fixed seat. In consequence the rowing is so little developed that nothing can be said of the merits or faults of the oarsmen. Newell and Shaw are singularly strong men and have both done very well at foot ball, but labor under the disadvantages of being totally inexperienced, and being rather short and chunky for a 'varsity crew. Powers, Watriss, Jones and Rantoul were substitutes on the crew last year and are well known as fairly good men. Vail, Cummings and Earl rowed in the freshman boat last year and seem strong. Kelton '93, who rowed 6 on the crew last year was rowing for a time in the fall but had to stop on account of a sudden illness. Winthrop '91, rowed 2 on the crew last year but has not yet begun training.

Nothing has been definitely decided on in regard to who shall coach the crew. This most important question will, however, probably be decided before the term opens after the recess.

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