Fact and Rumor.

The midyear marks in N. H. 4 will be announced today.

Professor Shaler will lecture in N. H. 8 on Mondays until further notice.

There will be a meeting of the Conference Francaise tonight. Professor Sumichrast will speak.

There are something over 700 entries for the B. A. A. meeting. Four hundred individual athletes will compete.

Candidates for the freshman battery will begin regular morning practice again in a few days.


The marks in German 1a were not given out yesterday, as announced, but will be given out on Friday.

In consequence of Professor Wright's lecture Latin F will not meet until Wednesday, February 19.

Professor Shaler delivered a lecture last night before the Southern club on "Provincialism-its Uses and Abuses."

Each candidate for the freshman nine was given yesterday a tabular view of the hours in which he was to practice.

Professor Hart has made the rule in History 17 that the door is to be locked promptly at five minutes after the hour.

Dr. Lyman Abbott will conduct the vesper service this afternoon, and will occupy the pulpit of the chapel Sunday evening.

The Harvard and Yale Athletic committees will meet at Springfield Friday evening to discuss the question of a dual league.

History 14 will be given on Mondays at 10 o'clock, and on Tuesdays at 3, while Professor MacVane is lecturing in Political Economy 1.

Marks for the first half year's work in sections 1, 2, 3, and 4, of English A were posted yesterday. Today the marks will be announced for sections 5 and 6. All those who are dissatisfied with their marks can communicate the fact, in writing, to Mr. Carpenter. All such communications will receive attention.

It is not yet decided who will stroke the Yale crew this year. Both Captain Allen and Harrison are considered for the place. Harrison, who has been stroking the first crew lately, weighs 158 pounds, is a strong, wiry man, and thoroughly familiar with the Cook stroke.

A meeting of the Philosophical club was held last evening at 14 Wadsworth. Mr. Santayana read a paper on Greene's criticism of Hume. Mr. Pulsifer, '90, was elected president, Mr. Hawes, '90, secretary, and Mr. Fletcher, graduate member of the executive committee, for the ensuing year. The following men were elected members: R. D. Brown, '90, E. A. Darling, '90, and R. W. Herrick, '90.