Fact and Rumor.

The 'varsity crew will row this afternoon in the tank for the first time.

Juvenal and Martial will be studied in Latin 6 during the last half year.

An early number of Harper's Monthly will have articles on Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

The Cornell glee and banjo club will make a western trip during the spring vacation.

R. G. Leavitt, Gr., has left college to accept a position as teacher in New York state.


J. W. Cummin, '92, has been elected secretary and treasurer of the Base ball association.

Cash, of the Princeton eleven, whom we believed to have left college, is said to have returned. His absence is accounted for through an attack of the influenza.

W. A. Brooks, '87, has been chosen the third member of the foot-ball advisory committee.

The handicap meeting of the Amherst Athletic association was held last Saturday afternoon.

No student over twenty-one years will be allowed to compete for a scholarship at Cornell after 1891.

Colnon, of last year's Cornell crew will not try for a seat in the boat this year, on account of press of college work.

The general committee appointed at Yale to confer with Harvard in regard to athletics met at New Haven Saturday afternoon and held a session which lasted late into the evening. The following men make up the sub-committee: George A. Adee, '77, Walter C. Camp, '80, J. D. Jackson, '90, W. C. Rhodes, '91, and C. D. Hamill, '90. This committee will confer with a similar one from Harvard.