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An exhaustive post-graduate course in sociology is being prepared at Yale.

Quite a large number of men went to New Haven with the nine on the evening train yesterday.

In N. H. 2 Professor Mark has begun handing around live specimens for the inspection of the class.

The new well at the gymnasium yields 15 gallons a minute. Work on a second well has been begun.

Some enthusiastic freshmen covered a huge mastiff with red and white ribbons, and led him round the yard after the race.

In future French 8 will be given as an extra, and as a regular in alternate years. Next year it will be a regular half-course, occurring twice a week. The reading will include history, novels and plays in connection with the French Revolution.

Yale is reported as confident of victory over the 'varsity to-day. Dann and Stagg have been doing very well in recent games. The Yale nine will probably play as follows: battery, Dann and Stagg; Marsh, Stewart and Cross on the bases; Noyes, short; and Brigham, Willet or Bremner, and Sheppard in the out-field.

The Beck tennis courts are in fine condition.

The following men will play on the lacrosse team to-day. Peck, Easton, Williams, Goodale, Weed, Gardner, Griffing, Hood, Weed, Dudley, Blodgett.

Yesterday, the freshmen cheered so vociferously at the finish of the class races that many of the by-standers thought that in them they beheld the victors.

By taking a somewhat longer course, the '88 coxswain brought his crew into smooth water, under the lea of the wall, thus securing a great advantage over the other crews.

The following men will compose the freshman nine: Young, c.; Bingham, p.; Hurley, 1 b.; Morgan, 2 b.; McClellan, 3 b.; Clark, s. s.; Downer, l. f.; McPherson, c. f.; Litchfield, r. f.

The result of to-day's game will be telegraphed to the CRIMSON, and will be posted immediately on receipt, at Leavitt & Peirce's in Cambridge, and at Young's and the Adams House in Boston.

The CRIMSON has placed a box in the Auditor's office at Memorial Hall for the receipt of items of general interest. No news will be taken into consideration that is not signed with the writer's full name.

There are two lacrosse games to-day. Princeton will play the University of New York at Staten Island, and Stevens Institute will play the team from the Brooklyn Athletic Club on the grounds of the latter.

The freshmen displayed their powers against a coal passer on their tug yesterday, who attempted to pull down the '89 flag when they had reached dock. In the tussle which ensued, flag, flag-pole, and all were torn down.

A line of coaches between Boston and Cambridge is one of the possibilities of the future. There is a well founded report that a bus line will be established, and thus the trip to Boston may be made in twenty minutes.

Owing to the neglect of the responsible officers of the H. A. A. and their delay in arranging the names of competitors for to-day's class athletic contests, it is impossible for us to publish the list of entries in the different events.

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