Entries for the First Winter Meeting.

Putting the shot-W. H. Shea, '92, H. R. Allen '92, G. Winthrop '91.

Heavy-weight sparring-W. H. Shea '92, F. B. Winthrop '91.

Middle-weight sparring-F. B. Winthrop '91, L. W. Chamberlain '90, R. Wainwright '91.

Light-weight sparring-J. L. Dodge '91, C. Cheney '92, J. L. Putnam '92, J. B. Paine '91.

Heavy-weight wrestling-W. H. Shea '92, J. H. Alward L. S.


Light-weight wrestling-T. J. Stead '91, J. Crane '90, A. L. Shapleigh '92, O. W. Shead 93.

Feather-weight wrestling-W. E. Kent Sp., J. D. Stultz '91, J. R. Jenkins'91.

Tug-of-war: '90-1, J. Crane; 2. F. S. Duncan; 3, J. D. Gorham; anchor, S. W. Sturgis; sub., T. H. Buttimer. '91-1, P. Y. DeNormandie; 2, A. B. Nichols: ,3, J. F. Bass; anchor, J. J. Higgins; sub., R. W. Wood. '92-1, R. C. Robbins; 2, J. H. Wright; 3, J. H. Rhoades, jr.; anchor, H. R. Allen; subs., G. S. Curtis and G. H. Thomas. '93-1, F. Winsor; 2, P. V. K. Johnson; 3, R. Bisbee; anchor, N. T. Robb; sub., H. L. Flint.

All these men must be examined immediately by Dr. Sargent or they will not be allowed to compete.

Officers: Referee of general events-C. H. Kip '83; judges-Walter Soren '83, C. L. Crehore '90; referee of sparring-Dr. Wm. Appleton '77; judges of sparring-J. P. Hawes '73, I. Tucker Burr '79; referee of wrestling Outram Burns '84.