H. A. A. Winter Meeting.

The first winter meeting of the Harvard Athletic Association was held on Saturday afternoon in the Hemenway gymnasium, and was a decided success from every point of view. Previous meetings have been characterized by drawn out wrestling bouts and by slugging: on Saturday in the wrestling no fall took more than two minutes and a half, and the sparring although not especially scientific was devoid of mere slugging.

This change in the sparring was to a great extent due to the announcement of Dr. Appleton, the referee, that it had been decided to have each match limited to three rounds of three minutes each, and that the referee should have 1 discretionary power of stopping a match before time was up or before three rounds had been sparred. Moreover the decisions were to be made according to style and points, so that a knockout would not necessarily constitute a victory. The audience was extremely large but conlrolled itself remarkably well; on only one or two occasions was there any hissing and all applause was postponed until after each event.

The first event was putting the 16 lb shot for which there were three entries, with but two contestants, H. R. Allen '92, with a handicap of 3 feet and W. H. Shea, '92. scratch. H. R. Allen won the event by an actual put of 36 feet 8 .5 inches, Shea's best put being 38 feet 2 inches. The next event was the feather-weight wrestling. W. E. Kent Sp., withdrew and the event was narrowed down to J. D. Schultz '91 and J. C. Jenkins, '91. Stultz got the first fall in two and a half minutes. Stultz was very quick and cool and kept Jenkins all the time on the defensive. In the second bout Stultz again threw Jenkins, this time in 40 seconds, and thereby won the event.

For the heavy-weight sparring there were two entries W. H. Shea '92 and F. B. Wintrop '91. Shea had entered without much training, merely to oblige the magagement so that the event would not be a walkover. Winthrop clearly showed his superiority by getting at Shea's face time and again, although Shea brought him to his knees by a back-hand swing. The second bout was more or less a repetition of the first, and Dr. Appleton concluded that a third round was unnecessary and awarded the cup to Winthrop. Winthrop's clean style and straight blows were exceedingly effective while Shea's defence was practically useless. Shea once in a while got in a strong blow on Winthrop and to the end showed plenty of "sand."

The light-weight sparring began with about between J. B. Paine '91 and C. Cheney '92. The first round was pretty even. Both contestants were exceedingly quick, while Paine's longer reach helped him somewhat. Cheney did the larger part of the leading, but his blows were not as hard as Paine's. The second and third rounds were well fought, slightly in Cheney's favor as revards points. Paine showed greater endurance, and was doing good work when time was called and the bout was given to Cheney.


The second bout in the light-weight sparring was between J. L. Dodge '91 and J. L. Putnam '92. Putnam looked considerably heavier than Dodge but was not as scientific. The first two rounds were decidedly in Dodge's favor, but in the third round Dr. Appleton stopped the bout and disqualified Dodge on a foul after having cautioned him a number of times.

The heavy-weight wrestling went to W. H. Shea, '92, on a walkover, as J. H. Alward, L. S., had to withdraw owing to an injured hand.

The next event was the light-weight wrestling. T. J. Stead, '91, and A. L. Shapleigh, '92, were the only contestants. Shapleigh got the first fall in 1 minute, 30 seconds, without much trouble. Shapleigh threw Stead a second time in 40 seconds after a vain attempt by Stead to make a bridge. As J. Crane, '90, and O. W. Shead, '93, had withdrawn, the event went to Shapleigh.

Next came the tug-of-war, with '90 and '91 for the first pull. The teams were as follows:

'90. '91.

1, J. Crane, 1, P. Y. DeNormandie

2, F. S. Duncan, 2, A. B. Nichols,

3, J. D. Gorham, 3, J. F. Bass,

Anc., S. W. Sturgis. Anc., J. J. Higgins.

The juniors got 1 inch on the drop, and steadily increased their advantage until at the end of four minutes and a half they had 3 inches. Then the seniors did some good pulling and got back 1 1-4 in., the juniors winning by 1 3 4 inches.