CRIMSON.- The board will meet at 1.30 today in the sanctum.

Several umbrellas and an overceat, left at different times in lecture rooms, are in my possession, and can be had of me by the owners.

A. K. JONES, Harvard hall.A petition is on foot to have that portion of the sidewalk on the westerly side of Putnam avenue between Mount Auburn and Brookline streets paved with brick. The petition may be signed at Leavitt and Pierce's.

FOUND.- At the gymnasium, umbrella, white metal handle. Owner can get same by applying at 69 Mt. Auburn street.

HASTY PUDDING CLUB.- There will be an important meeting for the election of officers on Thursday evening, March 20th at 7.30. Every member should be present.


GEORGE BLAGDEN, JR., Secretary.Engagements have been made for the following men, who must positively sit during this week: Andrews, Adler, Akin, Aldrich, Amory, E. L. Atkinson, Bacon, Baldwin, Bean, Blagden, Blaney, Bradlee, Brandestein, Brooks, Burnham, Butler, Cabot, L. Calkins and Carpenter.

PHOTO COM.FOUND.- On the gymnasium steps, Saturday, about half past one, a sum of money. Owner will please apply at the CRIMSON office between 1.30 and 2 today.

The marks in Political Economy 1 will be given out on Tuesday, March 18, between 1.30 and 2.30 p. m. in University 13.

BOYLSTON CHEMICAL CLUB.- There will be a meeting of the club Monday evening, March 17, at 7 o'clock. Dr. T. W. Richards will speak upon "German methods in the study of Chemistry."

If those who have reading matter for the hospitals-magazines, illustrated papers, novels, etc., will send word to R. L. Weeks, 74 Sacramento street, it will be called for.