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Captain Griffin's Lecture.


The lecture on "Electrical Transmission of Power" by Captain Griffin at the invitation of the Electric club last evening was listened to by an audience that nearly filled Jefferson 1. and included a delegation from the Tech. Electric club and many Bostonians.

The speaker said in substance: Although we can only conjecture what electricity is we are practically interested in what it does. The principle of the dynamo is that a continuous wire revolving under the influence of a magnet has electrical currents induced in it, and this induced current is sent out to do work.

The motor is a dynamo reversed, the current going into the coil and causing its revolution. Power is commonly transmitted in this way with an efficiency of 74 per cent. of the power applied. Since the current always equals the pressure divided by the resistance and a man's resistance is about 2000 ohms, he cannot take more than a quarter an ampere from the 500 volt current of the street railway, whereas 10 amperes are necessary to kill. Interesting and convincing statistics were cited to prove the number of deaths from electricity almost nothing compared with those from all other violent causes. Figures also show the marvel louse increase of electrical railways and the small danger of fire from wires.

In conclusion the speaker read extracts from the recent debate in congress, and declared that electrical appliances like the steam engine even, are not perfect but are improving rapidly and will soon come into universal use.

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