Annual Report Finds Harvard Kennedy School Faculty Remains Largely White, Male


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City Council Candidates Propose Strategies for Supporting Low-Income Residents at Virtual Forum


FAS Dean Gay Hopes to Update Affiliates on Ethnic Studies Search by Semester’s End

Fact and Rumor.


The Yale Glee Club sing in Richmond, Va., tonight.

The Williams nine plays the Washingtons, in Washington, to-morrow.

Tomorrow is the last day for reengaging college rooms.

The New York alumni of Cornell University have their annual banquet this evening.

Mr. Cummings will be in Sever 3 this afternoon from 3 to 4.30 to give out marks in English A.

Queen Victoria has donated a cup valued at $525 to be competed for by English oarsmen this year.

The marks in the hour examination in Mathematics E, will be given out Saturday, March 31.

Dr. Hall will lecture this evening at 7.30 in Jefferson Physical Laboratory, on "Electric Lighting." The lecture will be illustrated by experiments.

W. Byrd Page is to give an exhibition high jump at the games of the Seventh Regiment of New York on April 7.

Professor Loisette will lecture tonight in Tremont Temple, Boston, on the "Art of Never Forgetting," It is the first of a series of five lectures, all relating to the memory. Complimentary tickets for the lecture to-night may be had at Sever's.

Princeton's minstrel performance was a financial success, and netted a good sum of money for the baseball cage.

The Cornell senior class intend to give the University Athletic Association a cinder track instead of the usual class memorial. The ground will be given by the University.

The late Chief Justice Waite was 74 when he died. Justice Bradley is 75, Matthews 64, Harlan 55, Blatchford 68, Gray 60, Field 72, Miller 71, and Lamar 63.

F. J. K. Cross, an amateur runner of Oxford, England, has succeeded in breaking the half-mile record, made by Myers, the American, which has stood for six years. His time was 1 min. 54 2-5 sec.

The Harvard Observatory will send an astronomical party in the early summer to Peru to make high altitude observations and to investigate the advisability of establishing a station in the Andes.

The Boston Union grounds will be used for base-ball purposes this season. A new lattice fence will be erected on the Dartmouth street side so as to shut out the view from the bridge, and the infield will be put into first-class condition.

The executive committee of the National Association of Amateur Athletes of America, Wednesday night, reinstated Malcolm W. Ford of the New York Athletic Club, who was disqualified about a year ago for competing for money at Springfield, Mass., under an assumed name.

The following men have been chosen to compete in the oratorical exhibition at Amherst on May 9: F. J. E. Wood-bridge, R. B. McFadden, E. E. Jackson, R. H. Wadhous, E. Fairbank, W. H. Day, G. B. Churchill, W. E. Chancellor, E. H. Copeland and Agskeh Kabayama.

Dr. Schliemann has gone to Egypt with Dr. Virchow. He is anxious to discover the grave of Alexander the Great, but the place where it is supposed to be is covered by a mosque. Undaunted by this fact, Dr. Schliemann intends to dig a tunnel, or have the whole building moved, after the American method.

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