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Work on the River.


Many changes have been made in the university crew in the past week. On no two days have the men rowed in exactly the same order. On Monday, Tilton was late and Finlay got in at 6, Keyes at 4, Watriss at 2, and Herrick at bow. After rowing up to the abbatoir, Finlay got out and Tilton got in from a pair-oar. The rowing was poor, Tilton going back too far and Upham meeting his oar. The swing was ragged so that the crew did not look well at all. Tuesday, Nelson, Sp., got in the boat for the first time, Keyes remaining at 4. After a short row, number 2 broke his outrigger and the crew returned to the boat-house and took a short run. The rowing was very unsatisfactory.

Wednesday, Hutchinson got in at bow, the other men remaining as before. The crew did not row far and did very poorly. Thursday, Finlay went in at 4 and Powers at bow. The work showed very considerable improvement over the day before; the stroke was long and firm and the boat seemed to travel well between strokes. Yesterday Finlay retired from the university to the '91 crew, Powers was replaced by Hutchinson at bow, Watriss rowed 4. The work was not bad to look at and the boat traveled well. Mr. Keyes was not present and the crew went down as far as the Harvard bridge.

The salient faults in the rowing are as follows: Number 6 swings out of the boat and goes back too far; he fails to grip the water firmly enough at the catch. Number 5 has not recovered from his hang and is weak at the finish. Number four is rather stiff in his movements. Number 2 fails to get his oar in well. Bow is stiff. Yesterday the names and weights were as follows: Stroke, Goddard, 181; 7, Jones, 162; 6, Tilton, 191; 5, Upham, 191; 4, Watriss, 167; 3, Perkins, 169; 2, Nelson, 165; bow, Hutchinson, 156.

The men go to a training table at Mrs. Tufts, on Main street, this morning.

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