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Class Crews.


The sophomores have the usual faults of a class crew. They began rowing in the tank a week ago. They are especially bad in the recover-rushing the slides and hanging. The following are the candidates. First crewbow, Weed, 160; 2, Hubbard, 155.5; 3, Stearns, 175.5; 4, Rankin, 149; 5, Kennedy, 171; 6, Kidder, 151; 7, Steedman, 165 1-4; 8, Rantoul, 166 Second crew 2, Young, 156.5; 3, Forbes, 142.5; 4, MoDonald, 159; 5, Newell, 175; 6, Greenwood, 171; stroke, Cheney, 139.5.

The seniors are mostly new men and have all the faults of new men. They are jerky, keep poor time, and do not row alike. It is possible that they may be reinforced by one or two men from the 'varsity crew who will help them out a good deal. The following are the candidates: first crew-stroke, Chamberlain, 7, Tyson; 6, Richmond; 5, Fessenden; 4, Vaughan; 3, Watts; 2, Crowninshield; bow, Brooks; and Wells (captain) 3. Second crew-Hubbard, Potter, Abbot, Buttimer, Leach, Jenks, Blaney.

The most notable fault of the '91 crew is a very weak finish. Many of the men have a tendency to meet their oars, and as a consequence the shoot is poor throughout the boat. The crew has been rowing lately in the tank once or twice, when special attention was paid to the recover and as a result they have gotten rid of one fault-that of dropping down on the full reach. However there seems to be a general lack of earnestness in the work. Of course it is too early to predict anything in regard to the races but one thing is evident-the '91 men must use their heads a little more. The following are the men: Duff, 143, Tallant 162, Hale, 167.5, Fitzhugh, 183, Cohen, 147, Woodworth, 148.5, Van Rensalaer, 153, C. Smith, 148, Shaw, 155, Bumpus, 156, Sutro, 156, Chamberlain, 170, Garceau, 162, Randol, 156.5, Parker (captain), 151.5.

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