Fact and Rumor.

There was no lecture in History XI. yesterday.

Williams beat Andover 7 to 6 at Andover Tuesday in a ten inning game.

A total of $1825 have been subscribed thus far for Cornell's new boat house.

There will be one more unannounced hour-examination in German 1a before the finals.

There will be a lecture on heat engines in Physics A to day at 12 in the Jefferson Physical Laboratory.


Field excursions in N. H. 8, section B, for the next two weeks have been postponed to May 1 and May 8.

In a practice game of seven innings yesterday on Jarvis field the freshmen defeated the junior nine 18 to 1.

The number of upsets on the river continues undiminished. Two men upset in a double scull yesterday.

Mr. Shaler commenced the first of a series of four Wednesday review lectures in N. H. 4 yesterday afternoon at 3.10 p. m.

The Bowdoin crew will be made up as follows: stroke, Cilley; 7, Lyman; 6, H. Hastings; 5, Parker; 4, Carlton; 3, Jackson; 2, Hastings; bow, Sears.

Hon. D. D. Taggart, who has just been made acting-governor of New Hampshire, graduated from Harvard in '78, and is probably the youngest chief magistrate in the country.

Yale defeated the B. A. A. nine at New Haven on Tuesday by a score of 22 to 2. Stagg and Jackson were Yale's battery, Burke and Shore, B. A. A.'s. The B. A. A. played a miserable fielding game, and but two of Yale's runs were earned.

The freshman Glee and Banjo Club gave a very successful concert in Eliot Hall, Jamaica Plain, last evening. The new songs, "March of the Horse Marines," and "The Moonlighter," were especially well received. The concert was followed by supper and dancing.

The freshman crew is having some trouble with Waters of Troy about their shell. Waters demands that the freshmen shall pay freight charges for re-shipment; also for one or two extra coats of paper which are necessary to make the boat worth anything. In the meantime the freshmen are rowing in the '88 English shell, which is very badly rigged. If Theo get their own boat back by Saturday they will use it, if not they will have the English one re-rigged.