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Two Records Broken.


The class athletic meeting which took place on Holmes field yesterday afternoon was very interesting. The field officers did their work thoroughly, and as a consequence there was an entire lack of the tedious waits that are the usual accompaniments of athletic meetings.

The first event was the 120 yards hurdle race, over hurdles three and a half feet high. Allen and Fearing were the only men entered, and the event was taken by the latter in 17 3 4 seconds. The 220 yards hurdle race (hurdles 2 1-3 feet) 2-3 distance was run by '90, '91, and '93, the beats being won by J. Crane (19 1-4 seconds), J. P. Lee (17 3-4 seconds), and G. R. Fearing (18 seconds), respectively. The two-mile bicycle race was won by K. Brown, '91, who made a pretty spurt at the end and came over the line in 6 minutes, 47 seconds. The men entered from '92 did not appear.

The 440 yards handicap exhibition race was the prettiest run of the afternoon. Downes, '90 (scratch), won, and beat the track record in 50 1-5 seconds The four 100 yards dashes were won by W. S. Crane. '90, 11 secs.; J. P. Lee, '91, 10 3 5 secs.; A. H. Green, '92, 10 3- 4 secs.; W. F. Baker, '93, 11 1-5 secs. The two half-mile runs were won by S. V. R. Crosby, '91, in 2 mins. 11 secs., and C. H. Wright, '92, in 2 mins., 11 secs. The two-mile runs were won by W. B. Cohen, '91, in 4 mins., 58 3-4 secs., and by Guy Lowell, '92, in 4 mins., 44 secs., the latter being another good race. There were three 440 yards dashes, won as follows: '91, T. J. Stead, in 1 min., 6 3 4 secs; '92, G. L. Batchelder, in 56 secs., and '93, E. S. Mullins, in 55 2 5 secs. The two 220 yards dashes were won by J. P. Lee, '91, in 24 secs., and by W. F. Baker, '93, in 24 1-2 secs.

The field events nearly all took place at the same time with the track contests, and were as follows: Throwing the hammer, two contests, won by H. R. Allen, '92, with a throw of 89 feet, and by H. S. Evans, '93, distance 83 feet, 4 inches. The three contests in the running high jump were won by J. P. Lee, '91, with a jump of 5 feet, 3 1-2 inches; A. H. Green, '92, who cleared 5 feet. 5 1 2 inches, and G. R. Fearing, '93. Fearing's competitor dropped out in the beginning of the contest, but Fearing jumped until the bar was at 5 feet, 6 3-4 inches. Putting the shot was the next event. '92 was the only class represented, and W. H. Shea won with a put of 36 feet, 11 ins. '90's running broad jump was won by G. W. Wheelwright, who cleared 19 feet, 6 1-2 inches; '91's was won by J. P. Lee, 19 feet, 11 inches. A. H. Green, '92, then broke the Harvard record with a beautiful jump of 21 feet, 7 inches (the former record was 20 feet, 10 inches.) The '93 broad jump was won by O. W. Shead, 20 feet, 1 inch. The last event on the programme was the pole vault, entered by '90 and '92 only. J. Crane had the best vault for 90, clearing 9 feet, 1 inch. A. H. Green, '92, won his event with a vault of 8 feet, 6 inches.

Among the other field officers, Mr. W. H. Goodwin, '86, kindly consented to act as referee, and Messrs. Lloyd, McKim Garrison, and C. R. Endicott as judges.

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