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Base Ball.


The candidates for both the 'varsity and freshman nines were considerably thinned out before the recess. The rest of the men have been training all through the vacation. Almost every day two nines have been formed out of the 'varsity candidates, and have played a practice game on Jarvis field. Considerable attention has been paid to the batting, and all the men when not practicing in the field have been trained in batting at the nets. Last Saturday a picked nine was chosen to play the Wollastons a practice game. Seven innings were played and the Harvard men showed up fairly well both in the field and at the bat. The Wollastons were a weak team, however, and the Harvard nine was only a provisional one. The men were, Howland, L. S., pitcher, Piper, '90, first base, Wrenn, '92, second base, Trafford, '93, third base, McCoy, '90, short-stop, Codman, '90, left-field, Upton, '93, centre-field, Linn, '90, right-field. Downer did good work in the box and was replaced by Howe, '93, who was fairly effective: Dean, '91, did not play. The men on the above nine have been changed about almost every day. Piper has been playing in the field, and Trafford has generally covered first base. F. Bates, '90, has been tried at third base.

During the progress of the game on Saturday with the Wollastons, some of the other candidates for the 'varsity played a picked freshman nine on Divinity. Luce, '91, pitched on the college team and Mason, '91, caught. Soule, '93, Brown, '92, Cummings, '91, and Curtis '92, also played. For the freshman. Frothingham (captain), pitched until relieved by Young '92. Sheldon caught, Dexter and Merriam were tried at first base, and Jackson at second. Stevens was tried at both third base and short-stop. Manley, Ingalls and Dibblee also played.

Of the present candidates for the 'varsity Bates, '91, has a carbuncle on his ankle, and has not been in Cambridge during the recess. He will return shortly, however, and begin work again. Upton, '93, has been catching him in the cage considerably, and the other batteries have been Downer and Howland, Luce and Mason, Young and Rabbitt '91. Howe, '93, has also done considerable pitching and is about the most promising candidate among the freshmen for the pitcher's position. Yesterday afternoon the air was raw and the work of the men was not up to the average. Captain Linn batted to the men, first with Trafford '93, on first base, Dean, '91, on second, Bates '90, on third, and Soule '93, at short-stop. Bowman, '91, Cummings '91, and Neff, '92, were in the field. After a while another set of men came in with Lee '91, at first base, Wrenn, '92, at second, Brown, '92, at third, McCoy, '90, at short-stop, Codman, '90, left-field, Piper, '90, centre-field, and Evans, '90, right-field. No regular practice game was played,

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