Sanders Theatre Concert.

The annual spring concert of the Glee Club, Pierian Sodality, Banjo Club and Guitar and Mandolin Club, will take place on Thursday evening in Sanders Theatre, beginning at 8 o'clock. The program is as follows:


1. (a) Gavotte.- "The Prince and the Pauper." P. L. Atherton, '93.

(b) Fantasy.- "Ferdin and Evadne." Part 2. "Return of the Crusaders." L. A. Corne, '92.

(Pierian Sodality.)


2. (a) "The Nun. Thayer

(b) College Songs.

"The Dragon." L. S. Thompson, '92 (Words by S. F. Batcheldr, '93.)

"A Cannibal Idyl." Tabor Mr. Fullerton and Glee Club.

3. (a) "Albemarle Quickstep." Lansing

(b) Patrol.

Banjo Club.

4. Graduate Quartette.

Messrs. Merrill. Howard, Honore and Shippen.

5. Nocturne. ('Cello solo) Chopin Mr. Julius Wolff, '90.