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The Crews.


The Harvard launch has at last arrived on the river in thoroughly good repair. A new tubular boiler has been put into her which does not have the habit of bursting every day or two. The crew is very fortunate in securing the services of a thoroughly good engineer who lives in Cambridge. Heretofore the accidents to the boat have been as much due to the engineer as to anything else.

The crew rowed yesterday as follows; Hutchinson, '90, stroke; Tilton, '90, 7; Kelton, '93, 6; Upham, '90, 5; Perkins, '91, 4; Goddard, '92, 3; Winthrop, '91, 2; Nelson, Sp, bow. Substitutes, Jones, '92, Watriss, '92, Powers, '92, Keyes, L. S. It will be seen that the men have been changed all around. Hutchinson went from 2 to stroke; Tilton from 5 to 7; Upham changed sides and went from 3 to 5; Goddard went from 7 to 3; Winthrop from bow to 2; Jones and Watriss retired from the crew but not, perhaps, permanently. The crew is probably not decided upon, for changes have been made almost daily for the past week.

The freshmen have also been changed greatly. Davis has been changed from 7 to stroke; Keyes from 2 to 7; Vail from 4 to 6; Cummings has been put in at 5; Post or Hathaway has been put in at 4; Earle has changed from 6 to 3; Miller from 3 to 2; Burgess, bow, is the only man who has kept the seat he had in the class races. The substitutes are Slade, Baldwin and Post or Hathaway.

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