Fact and Rumor.

Final examinations begin on May 27 at Princeton and on June 4 at Yale.

Prof. Harper of Yale has declined the presidency of the University of Dakota.

Princeton is making elaborate preparations for the opening of her new athletic grounds May 24th.

The postponed game between the Clippers and Bluejays will be played on Norton's field at 3 p. m.

There will be an important meeting of the Conference Francaise this evening for the election of officers, etc.

The final examination in English 9 will be upon the work done in the first half year as well as that in the last.

The Supreme Court rendered an opinion Monday confirming the judgment of the lower court against Cornell in the celebrated Fiske will case.

An invitation has been sent by the Princeton Gun Club to the Yale Gun Club for a shoot at Princeton on the 24th of this month.

The lecture in Greek 10 on Friday will be the last one of the year. On Monday and Wednesday Professor White will show some special lantern slides.

The eleventh ten of the Institute of 1770 from '92 are W. H. Wright, R. T. Loring, A. I. Peckham, F. A. Googins, C. S. Baxter, H. P. Dodge, F. W. Williams, H. Lewis, J. W. Ames, R. Cobb.

The Columbia College Athletic Association has received from Cornell University a refusal of the Columbia crew's request to withdraw from the triangular race with Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania. Columbia will probably enter her freshman crew as the 'varsity.

The following officers were elected last evening by the Electric Club for next year: President, Chittenden '91; vice-presidents, Lewis, L. S. S., and Barron '91; secretary, H. C. Smith '93; treasurer, Barron '91; librarian, G. T. Page '91; executive committee, Curtis '92, P. W. Davis '93, and Wescott '92.

The Atalanta crew, which rows with Yale Saturday, is a remarkably light one. The men, with their weights, are as follows: Bow, H. P. Cashion, 137 lbs.; No. 2, G. K. Storm, 144 lbs.; No. 3, J. H. Charmburg, 135 lbs.; No. 4, B. Van Clief, 135 lbs.; No. 5, C. A. Lunjack, 164 lbs.; No. 6, F. Freeman, 165 lbs.; No. 7, J. Weldon, 168 lbs.; stroke, M. Quigley, 150 lbs.; cox, P. K. Coffin, 120 lbs.

At the overseers' meeting yesterday it was voted to concur with the president and fellows in re-appointing as preachers to the university for 1890-91, Lyman Abbott, D. D., Phillips Brooks, D. D., William Lawrence, A. B.; appointing as preachers for 1890-91, Brooke Herford and Henry Van Dyke, D. D., and Frank Brewster, LL. B., instructor in the peculiarities of Massachusetts law and practice for 1890-91.