Undergraduates Celebrate Second Consecutive Virtual Housing Day


Dean of Students Office Discusses Housing Day, Anti-Racism Goals


Renowned Cardiologist and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bernard Lown Dies at 99


Native American Nonprofit Accuses Harvard of Violating Federal Graves Protection and Repatriation Act


U.S. Reps Assess Biden’s Progress on Immigration at HKS Event

Fact and Rumor.


The Columbia freshmen have voted to give up "cane rushes."

Yale has engaged a temporary coach until Bob Cook recovers.

The report that Nat Brigham is dead is contradicted by the Boston papers.

There will be an hour examination in Spanish I, on January 22, in U. E. R.

Mr. Metivier will meet the class in French A, at 3 o'clock to-day, in Sever 35.

The Tech has blossomed out in the current number with mirth-loving illustrations.

The examination list at Columbia is not issued until within a week of the examinations.

New life has struck the athletic men of Columbia, who are now in the most vigorous training.

The Cornell Sun has taken sides against the feasibility of the "Movability of Students."

A huge joke has been played on the Yale juniors by the publishing of a bogus list of appointments in a New York daily.

The college authorities of Wisconsin University have made petitioning to the faculty punishable by suspension.

Prof. Shaler will give out the marks in N. H. 4 for the hour examination to the first half of the class on Wednesday, to the last half on Friday.

Zukertort has won two games from Steinitz in the chess tournament now progressing in New York, while Steinitz has won one. The games lasted about five hours each.

Certain graduates, now members of the Law School, who are interested in the fate of the chapel petition, are getting up a list of names to be appended to that of the undergraduates on the original petition.

Those who take the second half of N. H. 4 in mineralogy with Mr. Huntington, will meet him to-day, at 12 o'clock, in Boylston Hall. Those who take the half course in place of mineralogy with Prof. Shaler, will meet at the usual place in the Museum.

The following universities confer the degree of A. B. without any knowledge of Greek. Dalhousie college, the Johns Hopkins University, the University of Oregon, Randolph-Macon College, South Carolina college, and Swarthmore College.

The main reasons which are urged at Yale in favor of recitations at 8 o'clock in the morning are, that more time will be given for the athletic men to row, play ball, exercise, etc. The long list of Yale's defeats last year are regarded as a disgrace which must be wiped out by additional trophies this season.

Authors are not often agreeably disappointed in the amounts which they receive from editors or publishers. The New York Tribune, however, notes an exception in the case of Mr. Seelye, president of Amherst college, if the following anecdote which it relates concerning him be true - "President Seelye, of Amherst College, recently received from the North American Review, in payment for an article, a check which rather staggered him by its munificence. He told one of his classes that his labor had been so small and the recompense was so large that he had concluded to make a present of the latter. Then he gave each member of the class, which numbered 100, a handsome copy of Bacon's Essays.

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