PI ETA THEATRICALS.- Farce at 3. Others at 8, at the society rooms.

HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB.- Shoot for the Founder's Cup at 3.30. Class muches at 4 p. m.

Tickets for the Yale freshman game next Saturday, May 24, will be for sale at Leavitt and Peirce's at noon today.

H. S. C.- The following men will please be at the grounds at 3 sharp: Post, Bacon, Barnes, S. Paine, Haskell and Ware.

LOST.- A pair of silver cuff links somewhere in Wednesday night's celebration. Please return to CRIMSON office.

LOST.- Wednesday evening an alligator skin purse with sum of money and cards inside. Finder will please leave at Foster's.

HARVARD Y. M. C. A.- At the regular meeting this evening at 6.30 the "Northfield Summer School" will be discussed. All students are especially urged to be present. Lawrence Hall.

The following men will be sure and be on Holmes Field at 2 o'clock sharp: Stone, Wiggin, Merriam, Manley, Hallowell, Johnson, Watters, Dolan, Marshall.

L. A. FROTHINGHAM.FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB.- Everyone must be outside of Robert's Hall tonight at 6.45 sharp. Those who do not take part in the concert tonight will not be allowed to be in the photograph.

F. H. GADE, Pres't.The college tournament will be held next Monday, May 26, and the following days. A blue-book for signatures will be left at Bartlett's until Friday night. Entrance fees: $1.00 for singles, $1.50 for doubles; must be paid upon signing.