Fact and Rumor.

Yale will play Princeton today at New Haven.

There was no lecture in Mathematics E yesterday.

There was an hour examination in German 1a yesterday.

J. H. Parker '93, has been elected a regular editor of the Lampoon.

The regular oral debate in English 6 will be held next Friday instead of Thursday.

The examination in History 1 today will not begin until ten minutes after the hour.

The B. A. A. team heat Amherst Thursday by a score of 6 to 1. Brown defeated Wetley an 2 to 1.

The elective pamphlet will be greatly changed this year. The courses in almost every department are being revised. The pamphlet will probably not be out before June 1.

The freshman crew is now rowing in the following order: Stroke, Neison; 7, Davis; 6, Earle; 5, Kehon; 4, Vail; 3, Hathaway; 2, Miller; bow, Burgess. Keyes with be unable to row for several days on account of a lame hand.

Tomorrow's issue of the Boston Sunday Herald will contain two articles of interest to college men, the first entitled "Journalism at Harvard," and the second on the voluntary prayer system. Both articles are by a member of Harvard '79.

The Cornell men think they have got a better crew this year than last. "When the Cornell colors cross the line victorious next July," says the Cornell Sun, " and the world's amateur championship is held by a Cornellian (Psotta). Cornell's career on the water will have reached a point far above that of any other American college."