Fact and Rumor.

J. H. Sears, '89, was in town Thursday.

The N. H. 4 final examination will be but two hours.

Alexander, L. S., has returned for the examinations.

Princeton's new dormitory will accommodate 88 men.

The Wellesley Junior Promenade took place last evening.


The result of the French A examination will be announced class day.

A double quartet from the 'Varsity Glee Club sang at Southboro last night.

Entrance examinations for Yale will be held in Buffalo this year for the first time.

Noyes '89, and McConkey '88, coached the Yale nine at the field yesterday afternoon.

Bloss, who did such good work at Exeter's games Wednesday, expects to enter '94.

Last year's conditions in Physics A are cancelled on account of no examintion being held this year.

The first and second foot ball elevens of Columbia will go to work two weeks before college opens in the fall.

Until last Saturday's game with Princeton, Yale had not been shut out by a college nine since 1875.

The dinner of the Guitar and Mandolin Club takes place next Thursday and that of the Glee Club Friday, June 13.

The Intercollegiate Press Association of New England held a meeting and dinner last evening at Providence. The CRIMSON was represented by E. B. Adams, '92.

In the final examination in History 1 men will not be held responsible for Prof. Channing's last five lectures-those covering the period from 1715 to the present time.

It is rumored that a new dormitory is to be erected on Oxford Street by western capitalists, which is to excel any of the present buildings in the elegance and convenience of its appointments.

Professor Torrey is very seriously ill at his home, No. 20 Oxford Street. An urgent request is made that there be no unnecessary noise or disturbance on Saturday or any other day in passing through the street.

Reserved seat tickets for the Harvard-Yale game Saturday, June 21, will be on sale Monday, June 2, at 8 a. m., at Leavitt and Peirce's.