Annual Report Finds Harvard Kennedy School Faculty Remains Largely White, Male


Harvard Square Celebrates Oktoberfest


Harvard Corporation Members Donated Big to Democrats in 2020 Elections


City Council Candidates Propose Strategies for Supporting Low-Income Residents at Virtual Forum


FAS Dean Gay Hopes to Update Affiliates on Ethnic Studies Search by Semester’s End

Fact and Rumor.


P. G. Bolster has left the Medical School to study law.

G. T. Keyes '89 has been ill at home during the past week.

R. M. Fullerton '90, has been elected an editor of the Advocate.

At the meeting of the Conference Francaise tonight Lloyd McKim Garrison, L. S., will speak on "Realism."

The Glee and Banjo Clubs have accepted an invitation to give a concert at Roxbury on Thursday evening, Dec. 13th.

Mr. I. V. Williamson. of Philadelphia, has given a sum of about $12,000,000 to found a free industrial school for boys.

Dr. Walter J. Foley, M. S., '88, has been appointed to the department of nervous diseases at the Boston Dispensary.

The rooms for the examination in History 2 at 11 today are as follows: Adams-Greene Mass. 3. Hall-Tyson, Sever37. Valle-Young, U. 16.

The CRIMSON had the result of the Princeton-Yale game last Saturday at Leavitt and Peirce's by the long distance telephone in less than five minutes after the game finished.

The snow and slush on Jarvis prevented the freshmen from taking their usual outdoor practice yesterday; they spent the usual practice time in the gymnasium.

The tickets for the Yale-Harvard freshman game will be on sale at Leavitt and Peirce's after 8 o'clock this morning. The usual rates for admission and reserved seats will be charged.

The university and second elevens did not play on Jarvis yesterday on account of the bad condition of the ground. The men took a sharp run up North Avenue and practiced tackling in the gymnasium.

The Cambridge City Government has granted permission to the West End railway to run electric cars upon its road from Arlington to the West Boston bridge. The cars will be ready to run by the first of next month.

In yesterday's account of the Yale-Princeton game unfortunately no mention was made of the important fact that "A most attractive incident of the game was the presence inside the ropes of Mrs. Walter C. Camp, wife of Yale's most famous foot-ball player, who followed the ups and downs of the game with the same keen interest as her husband, who had been coaching the Yale team. Bob Cook, the Yale oarsman, was also nervously pacing about the chalk line muttering to himself as he saw the Princeton giants jumping on the little Yale men."- N. Y. Herald.

Boyden led the Beacons last season in batting, with an average of .393, total .500, in seven games. His fielding average, was .864, for the positions of pitcher, second base, and centre and right fields. Smith's batting average in fourteen games was .236, total .345; fielding .811 for the positions of pitcher, first and second bases, and right field. Foster, who played left field in fifteen games, with a fielding average of .697, had a batting average of .210, total .258. Nichols in seven games had an average of .143, total .214 for batting and .667 for fielding in the positions of pitcher, eatcher, first base and centre and right fields. The Beacons won 9 out of 16 games.

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